The T Club

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) -Help

What is The T Club by Tresor Hotels & Resorts? 

The T Club is an integrated loyalty programme for the loyal and repeating guests of Tresor Hotels & Resorts which offer services and benefits from your first overnight. For more information regarding the benefits offered click here.

How can I become a member of The T Club? 

Sign up by completing the registration form. After your successful registration you will receive
(within 72 hours) a confirmation email and printing instructions for the print our of your temporary member card.

Is there a cost for my participation?

No. Your participation at The T Club is totally free and there is no subscription cost. Register FREE.

How does The T Club work?

The T Club consists of three (3) member categories:
- White Tresor Member
- Gold Tresor Member
- Black Tresor Member

White Tresor Member

With your registration to The T Club, you become a White Tresor Member and you gain access to special benefits

Gold Tresor Member

Aftef completing 1400 points from your overnights spent at Tresor Hotels & Resorts, you are upgraded to a Gold Tresor Member.
On this category you can enjoy even more benefits.

Black Tresor Member  

You are a Black Tresor Member if you have reached 2500 points from overnights in various Tresor Hotels & Resorts and at the same time you are enjoying even more benefits. On this category you can redeem your points earned with free overnights. See here the benefits of Black Tresor Member.

Compare benefits & categories at a glance

See here all The T Club categories and their benefits

How do I know which tier I am at? 

Since you have reached the points that allows the category upgrade you will receive an email that will inform you of the point status of your account and which tier you are at. You may connect anytime with your access codes (email & password) at and stay posted on your points status.

How do I connect?

You can connect through our website Enter your access codes (email & password) by clicking on the: T Club Member Login.

I have forgotten my access codes! What do I do?

Click on "Forgot your password" which appears once you click on the T Club Member Login
You will be asked to enter your email. Once you fill in your email you will receive an email with your password.

How can I make a reservation as a Tresor Member? 

Reservations are only made through the dedicated Tresor Hotels & Resorts' network in order to receive the benefits you are entitled to as a member:

  2. Hotel's website provided you are connected at The T Club
  3. Call Center (Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00, except for bank holidays).

Can I use the benefits although I haven't booked with Tresor Hotels & Resorts?

No, as a Tresor Member you may enjoy the benefits only of you book through the above mentioned reservation network.
If the reservation is made directly with the hotel without logging in at The T Club or use other Tresor Reservations Network, you will not receive the benefits of your membership and your accomodation will not be granted on your account history, therefore no points will be earned.

How can I redeem the points earned ?

Redeeming your points in order to receive a free overnight, is only possible if you reach 2500 points, which means that you are a Black Tresor Member. Please contact us at, mentioning the hotel you wish to visit, your trave date (check- in & check-out), number of persons (adults & children).

Your email must be received at least 15 days prior to your desired travel date. The redemption of your points earned is possible if the reservation you wish to make is at least of 2 overnights.

The privilege of the free overnight is valid for one (1) year and is confirmed upon availability of the hotel you wish to visit. If you don't use this privilege within 12 months you lose the privilege to redeem your free overnight. 
Special terms & conditions apply. See here.
Please read carefully the terms that apply on redeening your points to a free overnight, before you contact us. You will receive a reply within 5 working days.


How can I have access to The T Club rates?

Please connect to The T Club with your access code (email & password). Through the page "Special Offers" you will have access to all our packages rates and special offers but also to the T Club rates. In order for your to see The T Club Rates you have to log in.

How can I usee the customer support?

Call us (Monday to Friday 10.00 -18.00 Greek Time) or contact us through email at
Our trained staff is at your disposal and will help you with any information  you need. Our customer support is currently available for Greece & Cyprus. Please note that if you wish to organise your transfer you should contact the hotel directly.


I am not sure I know at which category I am at. What do I do ?

The repositioning of your status to next member category may be done within 3-4 working days from the last departure date. If such an action does not occur, you are kindly requested to send us an email at Please write down your email address with which you have subscribed.

I am not sure that all my pointed have be registered in my account. What do I do?

Please note that the actual and stayed overnights are calculated and registered in your account. This procedure may take 3-4 working days from your departure. If an actual reservation does not appear on your history, please contact us at
Please write down your email address with which you have subscribed as well as the details of the booking that does not appear on your History.

When does my registration expires?

With your registration to The T Club by Tresor Hotels & Resorts you are automatically a member. Your registration does not expire and your account remains active. If your account (regardless category) stays inactive for 3 consecutive years, then your registration is removed and your accounts is deleted. If such a case you have to register in new.

Who can I contact?

At Tresor Hotels & Resorts we aim to serve you better everytime. Please contact us for any enquiry regarding The T Club through email at