© Photo by John Carnessiotis



Did you know that...

  • The name of the city of Thessaloniki derives from the combination of the words ‘Thessalon’ and “niki’ to pay tribute to the victory of the people of Thessaly and Macedonia against the tyranny of the people of Feron. 


  • The «White Tower» was previously called «Tower of Blood». The tower which used to be a prison, was renamed in 1890 when a prisoner painted it white in order to gain his freedom.


  • The Tower of Greek Telecom (OTE) inThessaloniki is the only one in the country that revolves, thus offering 360˚ views of the city.


  • Yendi Koule was a mixed prison (end of 19th century - 1989) and during the dictator’ s coup is where political prisoners were tortured.


  • In Thessaloniki and alongside the promenade of the Thermaic gulf, you will spot the largest statue of Greece which counts 6.2 meters in height and depicts Alexander the Great.