© Photo by John Carnessiotis


Local Gastronomy

You will hear a lot of visitors -who have already traveled in Northern Greece- talking about the food culture and how it characterizes the whole region. Food is an important factor for which a trip could stay in our memory forever. Let’s keep in mind that Greek gastronomy has a past of around 4.000 years, when Arhestratos - in 330 BC - presented the first cook book with recipes for the first time in world history. 

Food culture in Northern Greece is affected by Eastern civilizations more than other parts of Greece do, thus yielding an unbelievably tantalizing variety of traditional pies, nutritious soups, locally farmed meat, as well as an endless option of both savory and sweet delicacies that you won’t be able to resist.

If you do gain some weight, don’t be surprised !...Just keep going and enjoy it for once in your life. It will be a great pity if you say “No!” to the “bougatsa pies” inThessaloniki or if they offer you hand-made fruits in sweet syrup, or any of the lot: 'baklava', 'kadaifi', 'galaktoboureko'. It is totally up to you to discover them and taste them...