© Photo by Photo by John Carnessiotis
© Photo by Photo by John Carnessiotis


Welcome to a wonderful city...Thessaloniki. Proud of what it has to share through its unique brio and authenticity.

Don’t forget to...:

· Taste the traditional "koulouri" of Thessaloniki

It is a type of bread cruller that is sold by street sellers especially in Aristotelous square, in Tsimiski and Egnatia streets and will beat your afternoon munchies after all that walking. You will love it!


· Taste the legendary "bougatsa"

Pie which you will try in both a sweet of salty version. For a sweet tooth add cream, icing sugar and cinnamon. If you are more into savory tastes order one with cheese or minced meat staffing. A total winner either way! Info: The term “bougatsa” has to do with the type of pastry and not with the staffing.


· Taste the Panorama area “triangles”

A must taste regional delicacy which you will find in confectionery shops such as Elenidi confectioners in the area of Kalamaria (15 Themistokli Sofouli street, tel. 2310 421699). It is crispy, hand-made pastry shaped in a triangle and staffed with fresh custard cream. Mouthwatering...


· Visit the traditional food markets

Northwest of Aristotelous square you will come across the Market of Kapani. This is where you will find fresh fruit and vegetables that you may have never seen in your country. Modiano Market inErmou streetis the largest food market in the city and has been operating there since 1922.


· Taste the Terkenlis "tsoureki" - brioche

Its production first started in 1948 and by now it is considered the most famous sweet bread – brioche in Greece. In Thessaloniki is where you will find it in abundance at any Terkenlis confectionery shop where you can even choose the flavour or indeed the staffing! Highly possible that you will want to try them all...! (Tel 2310 271148, www.terkenlis.gr)