© Photo by John Carnessiotis


A melting pot of colors, scents, tastes, sounds of music and images. A parade of images in constant succession full of contrasts and diversities. Endless nature, hospitality in abundance and perfect beauty. Northern Greece has a million faces with one and single characteristic: they are genuine and not to be found elsewhere.



The compass points to the North

Northern Greece thirsts for admiration. Travel to Thessaloniki if you want to experience a nightlife of extreme joy. Fall in love with the lake in the city of Kastoria. Make the area of Pilion your round-the-year favorite destination. Dive in the beautiful waters of Chalkidiki.

You will not manage to see everything in one go. You will be willing to return again and again and explore deeper. Geographically speaking, Northern Greece is the part of the country which includes Macedonia and Thraki but also Epirus and Thessaly. Within those large areas one will discover smaller cities, picturesque villages and seaside settlements constantly developing.


An...alternative Greece!

With Thessaloniki as a protagonist, numerous towns pride of their supreme culture and their rich nature. Make a checklist as you go along, because the selection of lakes, forests, preserved areas and natural habitats which you can visit is truly endless. Surrender to an alternative Greece