The region of Thessaly is full of surprises and promises exciting experiences

The bread, the wine and the cheese have been the basic products playing a protagonist role in the region of Thessaly for centuries and centuries. The traditional gastronomy culture of the region presents variations from county to county and according to the social conditions, the altitude, how fertile the land is, as well as, the professional occupation of the inhabitants.

So, for instance, at the villages of mountainous Pilio the cuisine is “heavier” due to the low temperatures, therefore, there are plenty of meat dishes to try, such as “gioulbassi” and “spetsofai” which both contain green peppers, cheeses and garlic. On the other hand, at the coastal areas of the county of Larissa, we find leaner dishes containing plenty of fresh fish and other sea food delicacies. As we draw further away from either the sea or the mountains and we enter the Thessalic plains, the traditional local recipes embody simpler tastes deriving from the blessed land.

Bread and cheese are the two basic products deriving from the blessed land of Thessaly and you will never see them missing from any table.