Don’t miss the opportunity to take a stroll along the riverbanks and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape

The county of Trikala is famous for a range of locally sourced products, such as the cheese varieties, meat and the alcoholic drink of “tsipouro”. Do not omit to get a good supply of the reputable local sausages which are staffed with leek, as well as, any of the local cheeses and wine.

The town of Trikala is a very popular destination, especially for the Christmas season when visiting the famous “Mill of Elves” is an absolutely delightful experience. The traditional building hosting it, used to be a water mill entirely built of stone and it is called Matsopoulos Mill. Every Christmas, the building is transformed into the most festive toy and confectionery factory. This is where Santa Claus and the Elves will welcome you to their warm and hospitable world of magic in order to give you a taste of the best Christmas you have ever experienced!