Don’t miss the opportunity to take a stroll along the riverbanks and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape



Oltre Bar Restaurant

At the last level of Ananti City Resort hotel, with amazing views to the city of Trikala, Oltre Bar/Restaurant will win your heart from the very first moment. With Mediterranean specialties and an updated wine list, Oltre Restaurant will take visitor on a tasty journey. 24310 63950


An excellent traditional restaurant with delicious local dishes. We tried some of them and we highly recommend veal liver with fried onion, fried pork with feta cheese and beef tenderloin cooked with delicious sauces and spices! Ypsilantou & Kanigos, tel. 24310-74610

To Chani

The restored & authentic “Chani” since 1918 dominates next to the train tracks and is a gem for visitors of the city of Trikala. An elegant tavern with classic traditional cuisine and the largest wine cellar. Try calf, pork “prasotigania”, local sausages and many other traditional dishes. Tel. 24310 28 502.


It is located within the alleys of the Manavika quarter and it is the perfect sample of what typically constitutes a "quality Greek taverna". It may now boast a more modern décor but its cuisine remains strictly and loyally traditional and as delicious as ever. Order any of the following with their Greek name: lamb cooked the “kleftiko” way, “prasotigania” which is a range of meats fried with fresh leek and the “bekri meze” meat cubes assorted with freshly cut real potato chips. The musical background is traditional Greek and the wine is produced in bulk by the owners. Do try their red wine. Prices start at 15 € / person. (58,Karaiskaki street, Trikala, for a reservation call 24310 76741). 


This traditionally styled taverna is also located within the alleys of “Manavika”. Its combination of a cosy atmosphere with a delicious range of dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients, are the guarantee of a very tasty lunch / dinner and a good time altogether. Order the mouth-watering lamb or the interesting recipe of chicken fillet with white cheese. Prices start at 15 € / person. (19, Ipsilandou street, Trikala, for a reservation call 24310 73359). 


Established in 1996 and still serving the best Greek "meze" tidbits in town. Their dishes have peculiar names such as “the pastry of happiness” or the “fried cheese appetizer for the prince” etc. It has a very nice ambience, a fireplace and good wine. Prices start at 13-16 € / person. (16-18,Ipsilandou street, Trikala, for a reservation call 24310 76741).

En Eladin

This is a good option if you want to experience a home-cooked meal. The ingredients and products used are mainly locally sourced and En Eladin promotes a traditionally Greek lean cuisine. Do try the chicken with okra, the pork with fresh leek and celery, as well as, the cuttlefish with fresh greens. Prices start at 10-13 € / person. (7, Tsitsani & Gamveta corner, Trikala, for a reservation call 24310 23999).


Palia Istoria

At Manavika neighborhood of Trikala city, Palia Istoria, one of the first taverns in the area, is serving a large variety of appetizers and meats. Taste “kontosouvli”, “kebab giaourtlou” and “Cuckoo’s Nest”. Ipsilantou 3, Manavika, Tel.: 24310 77627.


Homemade food in the center of the city of Trikala. Kapodistriou 15, Tel.: 24310 72152



Located 3.5 km. from Elati on the way to Pertouli,  the famous tavern Anogi serves traditional recipes and homemade delicacies inspired by the Greek nature and tradition. Tel. 24340 71761


At the central square of Elati village, Kalamaras tavern serves greek traditional cuisine combined with modern details. For a more private experience in Elati, at the cellar of “Kalamaras” you will find “Dipnosofistis” wine restaurant, where you can enjoy gourmet food in a nice restaurant. Tel 24340 71270


Meteoron Panorama

At Meteoron Panorama restaurant you will enjoy breathtaking views to the unique phenomenon of Meteora, as well as a large variety of Greek traditional cuisine. Kastraki, Patriarhou Dimitriou 54, Tel.: 24320 78128

I Taverna tou Zioga
For local grilled meats such as beef steak, liver and kontosouvli. Tel.: 24320 22286.




Enjoy tasty cooked food such as goat stew, chicken soup, pork with leek and other homemade dishes. Riga Fereou Square. Tel. 24320 22449

O kipos tou Ilia

For traditional tasty pies, other delicacies and grilled meats, visit this tavern at the end of Kalambaka.


Popular meat tavern with delicious dishes. Tel.: 24320 24152

Stagon Geuseis

At the entrance of Kalambaka, in this lovely restaurant you will enjoy a large variety of appetizers, cooked dishes, meats and sea food. Trikalon 156, Tel.:24320 77919


La Kornou

Exquisite meats with views to the pines and the mountains. Tel.: 24320 87688



Enjoy delicious grilled meats and hearty stews. Tel.: 24340 91217


Ti limeri tou Vasili

Traditional cuisine in a cosy atmosphere. Tel.: 24340 91200

I taverna tou Panagioti

This tavern serves a variety of cooked food and other delicacies with views to the pineforest of Pertouli. Tel.: 24340 91100


La Verliga

Either you want coffee, tsipouro, or sausages, trahana and pies, you will find everything in this café-tavern in Aspropotamos. Tel.: 24320 87274

Agios Georgios


For delicious homemade food and beautiful views to the mountains. Taste trahana and delicious meats.


I Vlaha

 Enjoy traditional cuisine, delicious pies and appetizers as well as deer. Open only during winter time (From October 25 to April 30). Tel.: 24340 71890



With views to the majestic rocks of Meteora, enjoy grilled meat and trout fish. Tel.: 24320 25224




Apart from its tasty cuisine, it also serves delicious pies and soups in a cosy atmosphere. Tel.: 24310 61416