The mythical mountain of the Centaurs

Pelion is famous for its tasty traditional food. Spetzofai, rooster, homemade pasta and local meat are some Pelion flavours you have to taste in a traditional tavern. Volos is less half an hour away from Pelion. Spend a night there to experience the atmosphere of the beautiful coastal city, visiting a traditional “tsipouradiko” as locals do.


Traditional restaurant Kritsa is situated in the center of Portaria. Here you will taste fine cuisine, including spentzofai, rustic pasta, kontosouvli and rabbit. Until 25 euros per person. Tel. 2428090006


In the center of Portaria you will find traditional restaurant Skalakia, where you can eat homemade dishes made with pure, local products. Until 12 euros. Tel 24280 99212


You will find it in Melina Merkouri Square and you will savor homemade creations cooked with love. Tel 6979333487

Pizza Familia

If you have an appetite for tasty pizza, an excellent choice in Portaria is Pizza Familia. Tel. 24280-99.350

Hani tou Zisi

After skiing in Agriolefkes, eat local food in this family traditional tavern. Taste beef, rooster in wine sauce, grilled sausage and other local specialties. Hania, Pelion. Tel 2428096414


Fine greek cuisine prepared by chef and owner Antonis Tsolakoudis in a beautiful romantic restaurant. Order snails, tiganopsomo, mushrooms and everything the chef suggests. From 30 euros. 24280/99919


In this traditional coastal tsipouradiko of Volos you will enjoy tasty tsipouro accompanied by delicious seafood and appetizers. Argonafton 6 and Solonos, Volos Tel. 2421029360