The mythical mountain of the Centaurs

Pelion, the mountain of the Centaurs and the summer residence of the Olympian Gods seems like it has come from another era. Green and majestic, it rises northeast of the city of Volos and plummets until the Aegean Sea.

One of the most popular destinations in Greece ideal for all seasons, Mount Pelion composes a dreamy landscape of streams, steep cliffs, picturesque cobbled streets and traditional mansions, in which you will wish to escape forever. More than 24 bigger and smaller villages hide among its mountainsides. Here, at the meeting point of the mountain and the sea, nature blossoms. Known as the place where Achilles and Asclepius were taught medicine from the elder Centaur Cheron, who used to heal human diseases with the herbs of the mountain, Pelion also has curative properties. Rich in biodiversity, the mountain is home of hundreds of plant species, while in its flora various herbs are found.

Pelion is the perfect destination for all seasons. In spring, the flowering apple, cherry and almond trees gift visitors with beautiful colors and intoxicating scents. In summer, the sea breeze touches the coastal villages, while stunning beaches are offered for the most refreshing swimming.

In autumn, the fallen leaves from the trees create a mysterious carpet, which you will want to walk in and make the most romantic strolls of your life. At wintertime, the villages of Pelion wear their white, creating a dreamy setting for the most magical winter holidays.


A dreamy scenery of towering mansions, pebbled streets and flowery gardens, in one of the most beautiful and famous villages in Pelion, that ideally combines the wild beauty of the mountain with the amazing beaches and the picturesque bays. Amphitheatrically built on east side of the mountain of the Centaurs, Tsagkarada is an ideal destination for the most sophisticated travelers in Pelion, all year round.

Photo by George Xar

The four neighborhoods of the village, each with a central square and a church from which they borrow their names, could be 4 different villages. The older neighborhood is the one of Agii Taxiarches. Agia Paraskevi and Agios Stefanos follow, while Agia Kyriaki is located in the southest point of all. Take a photograph in front of the plane tree of Tsagkarada, one of the oldest trees in Greece, or maybe Europe. The tree is 1.000 years old, while its roots start 4 meters under the square.

The hiking lovers adore Tsagkarada, as the village offers amazing routes that pass through forests of chestnuts and beeches. From the central square of Aghia Paraskevi, take the scenic route to the beautiful beach of Damouchari, while from the same square walk to the district of Taxiarches.

Tsagkarada is also famous for its gorgeous beaches. Mylopotamos, which offers turquoise crystal clear shallow waters, is with no doubt the most beautiful of all. Also visit Limanaki and Fakistra, which will enchant you with the wild beauty if exudes.


Pelion hosts one of the most wonderful mountain villages of Greece. Perched at 650 m. west of Pelion, Portaria offers incredible Pagasitikos Gulf views and it is just 2 km. away from the picturesque village of Makrinitsa. Wander around the cobbled streets, admire the architecture of the local mansions, breathe in the fresh mountain air, smile at the hospitable and nice local people. Indulge yourself in a setting that seems to be out of the past. You are in Portaria, a lovable village all year round.

During winter, Portaria will be your ideal shelter. The smell of the burnt wood, the decorated with snow roofs and the traditional cozy cafes create a charmingly melancholic scenery that will remain indelible etched in your memory.

Photo by Werner Schrttner

The remaining half of the year, Portaria is filled with colors and fragnances. Running waters and the shade of plane trees will cool you while the scents of blooming hudrangeas will get you drunk as much as a shot of the traditional raki drink.

An ideal retreat for all seasons, Portaria enjoys particular tourism development, always with respect to the natural environment and the local element. 


For your stay in Tsagkarada, choose 12 Months Luxury Resort. Just 600 m. from Agia Paraskevi square in the center of Tsagkarada, the luxurious resort elevates the standards of hospitality in Pelion.