You will indulge in the plethora of diverse landscapes of the Peloponnese and you will be surprised by the variety of its picturesque images. Geographically It is a huge island but you will never hear the locals calling it an island. In the past few years, it has been on an ongoing process of rapid development, attracting mainly the visitors who seek an originally different destination in comparison to other places they have already visited in Greece.



The Peloponnese is indeed a land of million faces. Allow the intake of green plains and mountains in a large dose, visit any of its numerous picturesque villages which still preserve a fascinating architecture in total respect to tradition, taste the local delicacies made of delicious and fresh products and, of course, dive to its beautiful beaches which offer a tremendous diversity of styles.



From the “proud” region of Mani, to the picturesque port of Gerolimenas and from the Medieval castle of Monemvasia to the unexplored and virgin villages in its mountainous interior, the Peloponnesian peninsula anticipates to introduce you to its thousands of beauties.