Ιts close proximity to Athens and its beautiful location up on the slopes of Mt. Ziria, turn Trikala of Korinth to a top...

Local Products

Who said that an excursion not that far away from the center of Athens could not be more than just an opportunity to rejuvenate our inner self and charge our batteries?

Why not turn this to an opportunity for a shopping spree of the locally sourced products too?

Trikala of Korinth has so much more to offer than the casual occasion of coming to contact with nature. And certainly there is more to this area other than choosing it for a beautiful, calming winter weekend. Among the things that will make our visit to Trikala of Korinth worthwhile, are the tastes and scents that this enchanting area has “prepared” for us all.  


Taste the treasures that the Korinthian land harvests and bring back in your suitcase all the walnuts, raisins, chestnuts and almonds you can fit in your luggage. Without forgetting also clams, the special rose liqueur and a variety of delicious home made fruits in jars of sweet syrup. 


Shop in the designated shops for local honey, pulses and herbs, tea and fragrant oregano and if you are lucky....some of that special “ziriotiri” cheese to match a good wine in the company of good friends.

Search and purchase some of that special white “feta" cheese from the area of Ziria and just before your departure snatch a sizzling home made pie to keep you pleasantly occupied for the trip back home. For those of you that there is always room for something more in the luggage, buy some of the famous Trikala of Korinth walnut pie and treat your friends and family back home. They will really appreciate your sweet gesture.

Tip: For quality local buys, make a stop at Likno shop which is located in Messaia Trikala of Korinth. For more information call +30 6936 944517.