Ιts close proximity to Athens and its beautiful location up on the slopes of Mt. Ziria, turn Trikala of Korinth to a top...


The numerous,impressive stone-built mansions in Ano Trikala. Do pay a visit to the beautifully preserved Notaras mansion.



The famous church of St. Nikolaos in Ano Trikala which is bound to impress you with its wall paintings dating back to the 10th century, as well as, the church of St. Dimitrios in Kato Trikala which was constructed in 1697. This particular church is well known for its exquisite wall paintings which date back to the 18th century and they are basically hagiographies of the expressionist era. The most amazing of those hagiographies is titled "Akra Tapinosi” (extreme humiliation) and depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


The Monastery of “Panagia ton Vrahon” (Virgin Mary of the Rocks). You will also hear it being referred to as the Monastery of “Panagia Faneromeni” or also as “The Meteors of Korinthia” due to its location up on the slot of a rocky mountain. It is really worthy of your visit if you want to feast your eyes to magnificent views courtesy of Mountain Ziria.



The monastery of St. Vlasios. This monastery is situated in the area of Ano Trikala in Korinthia and according to historical sources it was built around 1400 AD in memory of the miraculous hagiographical image of Saint Vlassios which was found by chance at a nearby cave. During the Turkish occupation the Monastery operated as a spiritual and religious center. You can visit the Monastery’s gardens at the back of the building where the nuns will welcome you with homemade fresh pastry, resembling to a "turkish delight". Take the narrow path that will lead you to a spring with fresh running potable water. The tranquillity of the area can easily be broken by the echo of your voices...



Lake Dassiou. This beautiful setting is located on the northwest foot of Mt. Ziria (Killini) and at an altitude of 1.480 metres. You will come across it as you continue your tour in Ano Trikala and at only a ten minute drive from the Ziria Sports Center ski resort. Tip: The best time in the year to visit the lake is from March onwards since in winter the adverse weather conditions make the location fairly difficult to access. 



Ziria Ski Centre is located at the northeastern edge of Mount Ziria (Killini) and at an altitude of 2.376 metres. This is where we find a ski run for beginners plus a baby lift and we can even have ski lessons. If we are more advanced, there is a ski run for intermediate and difficult levels with a chair lift (700 meters) but also sleighs for children and snowmobiles which we can rent for the day and discover the mountain. To relax, there is also a chalet where we can enjoy a variety of hot beverages, tea and coffee in the view of the fairy tale white landscapes that surround us.



The valley and gorge of Flampouritsa presenting guests with an intense biodiversity and gorgeous river Sithas. The area is embodied in the European Union’s program Natura 2000. 



Hermes Cave is situated at the eastern side of Mount Ziria in the county of Korinthia and you will have to climb at 1.700 metres altitude in order to discover its extraordinary and peculiar beauty. During the antiquity, this actual cave was a place of worship to Olympian God Hermes and this is where people would come to show their devotion in return of Hermes’s help and guidance. Nowadays, Hermes Cave is worthy of your visit in order to discover and admire what nature has notoriously created within the cave’s seven distinct halls. The cave’s age counts millions of years and this is clearly manifested through the voluminous stalactites and stalagmites that "decorate" its magical interior.


Village Rethi constitutes a very picturesque settlement. There, you will also find a horse riding center for lovely rides with horses and ponies inside and outside the ranch. 



The small and highly picturesque villages of Karia and Goura. Tip: Make arrangements for a rich feast of delicious grilled, locally sourced meats at taverna "Karia - Gogolas".


Located at an altitude of 900 meters in Feneos of the county of Korinthia in the Peloponnese, artificial Lake Doxa constitutes one of the most beautiful of human interferences to nature in the area at large. While in the area, it is worthy of your effort to take a long and invigorating stroll around the lake or indeed a ride on a bicycle and admire the landscape which is full of fir trees and pines. According to the four seasons of the year, the lake transforms to a totally different scenery without, however, losing any of its wit and beauty.