Ιts close proximity to Athens and its beautiful location up on the slopes of Mt. Ziria, turn Trikala of Korinth to a top...

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Located on the slopes of Mount Killini and amidst the plateau of Mount Ziria, Trikala of Korinth was bound to gain a major place in the agenda of the traveller who wishes to experience the different and the unique at only 144 kilometres from the capital Athens.

This destination constitutes a green paradise up on the mountains and becomes a cherished choice for a getaway all around the year!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Beautiful nature, gurgling waters, fresh air & exquisite wines


Trikala of Korinth is a town divided into three distinct districts: Kato, Messaia and Ano Trikala which are settlements at very close distance from one another. Its name - Trikala - literally translates to "three goods" and basically connote to its fresh atmosphere, its non humid climate and to the exquisite wines sourced by the area's arable land. Without the merest doubt, Trikala of Korinth are one of the closest mountainous destinations which Athenians select for a weekend getaway, especially in the winter months. In the Summer, it is equally appealing to those seeking a tranquil weekend within its lush nature and gurgling river waters, lakes and fresh water springs.  


Touring the three Districts

Start your acquaintance with the area by visiting Kato Trikala first. In the heart of the settlement you will find the stone-paved square. The tavernas emit their tasty scents of the grilled locally sourced meats and a variety of other home-cooked delicacies, while the whole setting presents guests with a luscious green nature and picturesque housing. The impressive stone-built church of St. Dimitrios which dates back to 1697 will immediately attract your attention and it is worthy to visit for its stunning wall paintings of the expressionistic era. 

Your next stop is only 1 Km away and it is called Mesaia Trikala. If you like hiking you can easily walk the distance through an extremely beautiful path connecting the two districts. We, undoubtedly, suggest you do some food shopping at Likno which is a store selling quality local products. In Messaia Trikala you can also opt to buy some objects of folk art too. Walking further within the settlement you will become aware of the touristic bloom of the area which is manifested through numerous hotels, tavernas and all type of commercial stores. 

Your tour will not be complete if you don't pass through Ano Trikala. Its picturesque and unspoilt beauty will attract your sight right from the start. Countless stone mansions and churches which were constructed between the 16th–18th century are still splendidly preserved and await your visit and admiration.


Escape to nature!

You have selected to visit a region of the Peloponnese where nature is clearly at its best. Do not omit a visit at the Monastery of St. Vlassios (very close to Ano Trikala) and to enjoy the superb view of the green valley of river Sithas with its numerous small villages. Ski lovers can head to the Ziria Ski Center and families can take invigorating walks around the breathtaking views provided by Lake Doxa.

Trikala of Korinth is not only a very popular destination for the winter months alone. The abundant natural beauties, the remarkable tourist infrastructure, the mountain views and its close proximity to both the capital Athens and the beaches of the town of Xilokastro at only one hour's drive, have recently turned the region into an ideal selection for a brief getaway all around the year.