Myths, history & natural beauty

Gifted with dense fir forests and alpine landscapes, traditional stone villages and ancient monuments, Arcadia is a mythical destination, located in the heart of the Peloponnese. The mountainous Arcadia offers the visitor images of wild beauty, unique experiences in the nature and, most importantly, idyllic holidays in a destination that looks like it jumped right out of the pages of a fairytale.

Myths, history & natural beauty

Home of the god Pan, who according to mythology lived inside Arcadia’s mountains, a historical place that is inextricably linked with the revolution of 1821 and undoubtedly one of the most authentic parts of Arcadia, Gortynia is a province of the county and impresses with its wild natural beauty and idyllic lifestyle. This magical place attracts many nature lovers who are fascinated by the sounds of Lousios river and the picturesque, authentic villages that invite you to a unique travel experience, away from mass tourism. Here, the Byzantine churches succeed the ornate fountains and the imposing stone-built mansions, surrounded by the song of the nymphs, the Dryads and fairies living for thousands of years in this mythical place.


At an altitude of 700 m. and built above three green hills, Elliniko or otherwise Moulatsi of Arcadia is one of the most beautiful traditional villages of Greece, just two hours away from Athens. The village is a protected settlement of great architectural interest and in recent years it has become an ideal destination for weekenders and holidays, for travelers who wish to combine relaxation and tranquility close to nature, with some of the most beautiful sights of the Peloponnese at a walking distance. Located between Stemnitsa and Karytaina, Elliniko introduces guests to the authentic beauty of Arcadia.

Here, the aromas of the Arcadian nature and the scent of burnt wood coming from the chimneys, make for a feeling of a truly authentic Greek village, where the stone is undoubtedly the protagonist. During your walk, you will be charmed by the traditional stone-built houses, cobbled streets and stone fountains that adorn Elliniko and add even more elegance to its traditional beauty.

In the central square of Agia Triada, you will be impressed by the magnificent two-storey school building that once housed the three-seater primary school of the village, while in the same square stands the monument dedicated to the fallen of the war. Enjoy a Greek coffee or ouzo in the traditional cafes of the square and visit the Ecclesiastical Museum of the village with two impressive chandeliers that will undoubtedly attract your attention.

Within walking distance from Elliniko, exciting attractions await to be discovered. Ancient Gortyna, where the foundations of the temple of Asklepios and its thermal springs stand, the beautiful bridge of Lousios river, or else the bridge of Kokkoris, the archaeological site "Eliniko", from which the village borrows its name, and the historic monastery of Prodromos, which is carved into a cave at the foot of a steep cliff above Lousios, are just some of the beautiful local attractions worth exploring.

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