© Photo by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos


Movie plot with a Sicilian scent...the port of Cavo Grosso makes you want to become a character of the script.

Local products

The region of Mani presents its very own set of dietary traditions which - according to specialists - manifest the fundamental principles of maintaining a good health. During your visit, you must absolutely try as many of the local dishes as you can, since they are only made of the best and leanest ingredients. This is also a good opportunity to buy a few things and take them back home, such as olives, extra virgin olive oil, pure honey, local cheese varieties, fruits preserved in jars of syrup, jams and marmalades, herbs,  oregano, tea and sage. Do not omit to try the traditional “siglino” which is a sort of salted meat, the “koutalides” which is a local recipe for pancakes and the “lalaggia” which is homemade bread-sticks fried in olive oil and perfectly accompanied either with pure honey for a sweet delight or with ‘sfela’ goat cheese for a savoury feast...

Tip: Unfortunately, you will not be overwhelmed by the number of local stores for your food shopping. The best way to be directed straight to the producers is by asking at the reception of Kyrimai Hotel. We also suggest that you pay a visit to Tsatsoulis butcher on the main road of the town of Areopolis where you will find a wide range of delicious cheeses. You can also go to the Milia Traditional Bakery (also in Areopolis) from where you will get your supply of awesome kneaded bread and, of course, the famous ‘lalaggia’ fried bread-sticks.