© Photo by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos


Movie plot with a Sicilian scent...the port of Cavo Grosso makes you want to become a character of the script.


The beautiful pebbly beach of Gerolimenas is where you can have a revitalising swim in crystal clear turquoise waters or take long promenades by its shores. Equally interesting are its numerous tavernas for lunch or dinner. 



Have an enjoyable walk along the narrow alleys of the village and admire the distinctively unique architectural style of the stone tower houses of Mani.



Visit the beach of Marmari which will bewilder you with its double act (!) and with its crystal clear waters and golden sand. It is located just outside the village of Vathia, at 15 km from Gerolimenas Tip: Most people who visit the beach are not aware of the second beach which promises a unique secluded setting. To approach it, take the path through the village of Marmari and it will lead you to it within a 10 minute walk. Make sure you have a good supply of water with you! 



A swim at the beach of Almyros is an absolute must…You will find it on the road to Marmari village and it is part of the archaeological site of Kyparissos. Dive into its seductively turquoise waters and make an effort to have a closer look at the big cave at the farthest end of its shore. You will feel as if you are located amidst a movie scenery. 



Just before arriving at Vathia village, turn to the path and walk for around 10 minutes in order to access the supreme Kapi beach, which is characterised by its unique setting and its pebbly sand. Only a few lucky people know of its existence and you may have a hard time finding the way, but it is definitely worth the effort! 



Enjoy a swim and a luncheon of fresh fish at any of the three small tavernas of Porto Cayio. Thankfully, you can obtain a large parasol from the locals and remain at the beach for the whole day. Starting from Gerolimenas, a 25 minute drive will suffice to reach this cool paradise.   



Head to Cape Tainaro and the area’s picturesque bay which constitutes the southern peak of East Europe and the second southernmost peak of continental Europe (after Gibraltar). Enjoy your swim at Kokkinogia beach and then take the path which leads to the glorious lighthouse of Tainaro. Press here and find out more about the historical importance of the site. 



Drive your way across the region’s countless villages and visit the nearby areas which cherish valuable spots of interest. We suggest that you head to the village of Vathia accessible within a half-hour drive towards Marmari and Cape Tainaro. Owe is what you will feel when you first see this settlement which offers numerous stone towers for your admiration. A promenade in its alleys will be your best ever experience. TIP: The village is not a tourist attraction as such, so chances are you will not find a selection of tavernas and cafés as one would expect. Nonetheless, it is worthy of your visit. 



Visit the town of Githio at about 50 km from Gerolimenas which is one of the most picturesque towns of the region of Mani. Feast your eyes to the typical architecture of the region - the tower houses made of stone – and discover the Historical and Ethnological Museum, as well as, the site of the famous “shipwreck”. Conclude your morning excursion by swimming at any of the superb beaches at the vicinity, such as Kamares, Kalivia, Panagea and Skoutari. 



Discover the small natural port of Alipa for its stunning setting and swim at the homonymous beach which has bright white pebbles. If you feel like lunching, there is a small, cute taverna right above the beach which offers very appetizing dishes.



Do not omit to visit the Diros Caves which are located on the road between Gerolimenas and Areopolis. The Caves are well-lit and full of stalactites where the light reflections are remarkably interesting. Excavations on site have brought to the light of day evidence of prehistoric occupation, thus, signify the archaeological importance of the area. After having seen the caves you can conclude your excursion by swimming at the superb beach of Diros.