© Photo by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos


Movie plot with a Sicilian scent...the port of Cavo Grosso makes you want to become a character of the script.

There is no other region that depicts true Greece in a more sincere way. If authenticity could choose only one refuge, it would choose the wild landscapes of the region of Mani. The aspect of isolation in this beautiful area in combination with the independence in manners of its inhabitants, explains how specific traditions were developed separately from the rest of Greece. Far from anything pretentious, Mani knows how to make a distinct statement and win the visitors heart.

This region is one of the most historical of the Peloponnese and is situated at its southernmost part spreading over the middle “leg” of the peninsula. Mani has three distinguishable parts. Main Mani, Inner Mani (East and West) and Outer Mani (Messenian). All this, we mention purely for your information and in order to have a basic idea of the location.   


The picturesque port of Gerolimenas

Be prepared for endless kilometres of driving around the beauties of the region. Having a car at your disposal is an absolute necessity and will enable off road trips and “treasure hunting” of wonderful spots. Tower houses made of large stones, acres of pasture land, clear blue waters and flavours which are typical of Greece, all complete a set of awesome images emitting ounces of natural beauty and tranquillity.

The region of Mani cherishes a special area named Gerolimenas which is famous for its picturesque setting and it mainly consists of a small port. It used to be one of the most significant ports for trade serving the wider area and its name derives from the two Greek words “Ieros” – sacred and “Limin” – port, which give us a thorough idea of just how important it was in the past.

Gerolimenas is situated in the heart of Mesa Mani (Inner Mani) and cherishes the charming cape of Cavo Grosso. The town of Kalamata is at 100 km and the town of Githio at 50 km. Both towns constitute important towns of south Greece and are worthy of your visit while you explore the sites of this enchanting region.


Sicilian scent…

It is highly likely that you will feel as if located at a fishing village of Sicily. Its superb setting by the sea shores where the Ionian Sea meets the Aegean Sea connotes to scenes from a movie where people walk barefoot letting the waves tinkle their tows, where people indulge in exquisite local specialties and the only thing they “wear” is a permanent face of carefree pleasure.

In the morning - and before you go for a revitalising swim – have an enjoyable walk along the narrow alleys of the village and admire the distinctive cultural identity and the unique architectural style of the stone tower houses. In the afternoon, the imposing rock at the cape of Cavo Grosso will beautifully complement the best sunsets you have ever seen, while the catch of the day will give you a tantalising experience of tasting the sea food delicacies at any of the numerous family tavernas by the beach of Gerolimenas.

Gerolimenas has been undergoing a significantly encouraging period of development in the past few years. Apart from its natural beauty and ideal setting, this destination acquired a tourist boost from the creation of the luxurious boutique Kyrimai Hotel. This is not yet another boutique hotel. We would rather describe it as an aquatic paradise engulfed by the deep blue sea, in an ambience of absolute relaxation and serenity. The entire resort is made of stone and it is eternally caressed by the blue of the sea. Its hotel services and room amenities will make you feel that you deserve the best and will reassure you that you have made the best possible choice for an unforgettable getaway.