The Peloponnesian peninsula is the largest in Greece and, geographically, some even consider it as a large island after the construction of the Isthmos Canal. It is otherwise referred to as “Morias” and it will truly fascinate you with its variety of images. It is a land of a million faces and contradicting styles. Take a trip to the Peloponnese and discover the towers of Mani region, the picturesque small ports, the castle-city of Monemvasia and the crystal clear waters that surround it.

The variety of sceneries will enchant you, its crude and somewhat wild beauties will captivate you and the beautifully aging faces of the hospitable locals will welcome you in the warmest manner. This is what the Peloponnese is all about. As time goes by, this destination becomes more and more attractive to the visitors who are seeking to explore an authentic and pure land. A destination that is originally Greek.


Necessary recommendations

The Peloponnese constitutes the southern part of the Greek mainland and its shores are caressed by the Ionian Sea in the west and Myrtoo Sea in the east. It counts among the nine geographic regions of Greece and it is linked to the Greek Midlands -Sterea Ellada in Greek- by a narrow strip of land called the Isthmus of Korinth and by crossing over the homonymous Canal constructed back in 1893.

The peninsula stretches over an area of around 21.000 square Km of which at least 50% is covered by massive mountains and the rest by large plains which are cultivated. Beautiful picturesque settlements and larger towns, such as Patras, Kalamata, Korinth, Sparta and Nafplion -to mention just a few- add interesting points worthy of your visit. Its trademark is definitely the four peninsulas or “legs” as they are called in Greek that all point to the south. Nature lovers are magnetized by the Peloponnesian charms and the fact that many alternative forms of tourism have been developed in the last decade alongside remarkable hotels and resorts, make it an inviting destination to all kinds of travellers! 


More ideal than ever

Its authenticity is not the only virtue that attracts more and more visitors every year. The Peloponnesian peninsula has a rich history and many ancient monuments and archaeological sites of interest which testify this. Do not forget to visit the unique old theatre of Epidaurus, the ancient settlement of Messene and the Medieval castle of Monemvassia.

Nowadays, a visit to any of the numerous picturesque villages and unexplored areas, will yield all the excitement that you are seeking. On your travels, you will feast your eyes to countless olive trees and colourful gardens, wild natural landscapes, high mountains and beautiful beaches. With such a variety, we should not wonder why it is one of the most favourite destinations all through the year. The Peloponnese is worthy of your visit from side to side and from corner to corner. Free yourself from what typically constitutes a Greek summer on the islands and get ready for an alternative experience that you will never forget.