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Cretan Products

Crete is certainly a blessed land where everything can be produced. There is no other island as self-sufficient as Crete is. You will be spoilt for choice as you shop for food products and there are plenty of things that you could take back home. All you have to do is avoid the large tourist stores which are centrally located within the larger towns of the counties and prefer to go food shopping at the cooperatives, located in small villages across the island. This will ensure reasonable prices, but above all, that the products you will buy are fresh and pure. Do not hesitate to also visit the small food production units which prepare and export the best quality local ingredients possible.

To mention a few suggestions of what the visitor should aim to find: authentic “graviera” cheese, traditional “kaltsounia” from any village bakery, homemade “raki” alcoholic drink from Chania, traditional Cretan crisp breads, cheeses of all kinds, extra virgin olive oil and, of course, wine.