A praise to deep sentiments and unforgettable experiences

1.Εlafonissi in Chania

Εlafonissi islet is only 100 meters from the shores of the southern coasts of Chania county and the whole area is protected by the Natura scheme of the EU. It is a beautiful place preserving a natural habitat with a soft pink and iridescent sand due to the thrusts of shells it contains. The only way to approach this paradise on Earth is by driving 100 Km from Chania town. A difficult drive with many twists and turns which absolutely justifies why Elafonissi has remained untouched and pure. 


2.Chania Old Town

It is basically separated into 3 quarters: Topanas, Jewish quarter and Splantzia and it will absolutely enchant you. A melting pot of cultures and civilizations, where no neighborhood resembles the next one. Enjoy endless promenades and admire its architecture and its plethora of interesting spots.


3.Chania Beach

This is the beach that stretches from the west side of Chania town and leads to Kasteli, where the visitor will find numerous hotels and resorts, tavernas, plenty of swimming spots, beach bars and entertainment venues. Even if you are not into parties and loud music, passing through Aghia Marina, Platanias, Maleme and Gerani is a must.


4.Lassithi Plateau

The place to be for a superb mountain bike ride through its beautiful nature and the very few villages. The area is very peaceful and mostly cultivated nowadays and the few locals that you will come across, will be willing to tell you stories of how this particular area used to cherish more than 14.000 windmills and how it was first in the production of agricultural products across Crete.   


5.Αnoghia area in Rethymno

In Crete there is a saying that when one descents from the skies, the area of Anoghia is the first place they come across. The mountain of Psiloritis with its bear, massive rocks makes the place a lunar landscape. This is where we find the best in the traditional playing of the “lira” instrument. This is where time has stopped and where the community stays united and rebellious against anything that comes from the ‘outside world”.


6.Αrchanes village in Heraklion

Archanes village has been voted as one of the best settlements in Europe. A very “neat” village as far as architecture is concerned, surrounded by vast plains of vineyards, since it cherishes large amounts of underground waters. A walk in its narrow alleys will give you the best clue of what living in harmony and peace really means.


7.Gorge of Samaria

One of the longest gorges in Europe stretching over 16 Kilometres, which one could need at least 6-9 hours to cross through. Located at the southern side of the county of Chania, the best places to enter its phenomenal world is from Omilos and the most rewarding exit is that of Aghia Roumeli next to the sea shores.


8.Gaidouronissi islet

An islet of rare beauty located at the southeastern side of Crete. Boats will take you there from Makris Yialos in Lassithi, as well as from the town of Ierapetra. Gaidouronissi resembles to an African landscape with almost no trees at all and simply covered from a thick layer of golden sand. Needless to say that it offers amazing beaches that you will never forget.


9.Palmtree forest of Vai

Located at the eastern edge of Crete, right next to the sea shore and at a distance of 20 km from the town of Sitia. The palm tree forest is an absolute exotic paradise covering 20 hectares and producing large quantities of bananas and mangos. A definite must-see.


10.Matala village in Heraklion

The legendary gathering spot of the hippies during the 60s and 70s. Even nowadays, thousands of visitors come to Matala in order to see the naturally formatted caves above the gorgeous beach, which the hippies from all over the world used as houses during their endless “free-spirited” summers.