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Chania is a place of a thousand marvels ready to bewilder you. Its wealth of beauties will keep you captive time and again.


Constantinople cafe

You will find it at the square of the Old Town behind the Cathedral. Its wide range of coffee varieties from around the world will amaze you. There is also a wine list and local ‘raki’ if you are feeling adventurous. Order the coffee with cardamom from Syria for an energy boost. Address: 41, Dorotheou Episkopou street, Chania


Impressive club with impeccable ethnic decors, an interior with a glass roof and palm trees at its outdoor space. Mainstream music, gastronomy and a rich wine list call for a come back. Address: Agia Marina area. For reservations: 0030 28210 to 60301


Ammos kai ilios (Sand and Sun)

Great bar on a fine sanded beach. Comfortable sun loungers, beach volley and loud vibes, a bamboo décor and delicious sandwiches. Must try: the strawberry sorbet. Address: Agia Marina area. For reservations: 0030 28210-60045


Milos (Mill)

Large mainstream club with resident and guest dj's where everyone ends up in order to continue with the partying till the first morning hours. Its location next to the sea and the large dance floor make it the absolute summer spot. Address: Platanias area. For reservations: 0030 28210-60449.


Ipopotamos (Hippopotamus)

New York styled interior decoration, lovely coffee varieties, light meals and salads, sandwiches and tasty pizza. Must try: their original mojito. Address: 6, Sarpidonos street, Chania.  For reservations: 0030 28210-44128.


2 Loux

One of the most appreciated all-day coffee bars in Chania town. Impressively decorated, it often hosts exhibitions and themed parties. Address: 8, Sarpidonos street, Chania.  For reservations: 0030 28210-52515