© Photo by Photo by Christos Drazos


Central Greece is characterized by contrasting landscapes and experiences. Modern cities, picturesque villages, green valleys, lakes, rivers, bays and mountains could only be a brief preface of what you will come across while exploring it. Your starting point could be Athens which brings together the majority of the population and is where the Parthenon is located alongside a plethora of other ancient sites and monuments. Memories of a truly glorious past coexist with modern areas for a vibrant nightlife, numerous places to eat and drink or have a shopping spree! Athens has everything and is everything...

Other than the county of Attica with its capital Athens, there are other counties within the greater area of the Greek Midlands, such as the county of Evritania, Fokida, Fthiotida, Viotia to mention a few. Last but not least Central Greece prides for its unique island of Evia. One of the largest islands and totally different from the other islands of Greece, Evia has an extremely diverse personality of its own and is 100% worth the visit.