A city that never sleeps, a modern European metropolis irresistibly charming to every visitor...

Without exaggerating at all, there is nothing that you can’t find in Athens -foodwise- and especially if you are going to visit the north suburbs of the city.





Τhe Margi boutique hotel, will take you to a voyage in Morocco if you do decide to indulge to the aura and scents of the East in Malabar restaurant. Feast into multi-collective tastes and elaborate cocktails by the blue of the swimming pool. Relax in its atmospheric surrounds via quality ethnic music and fancy decoration. Open daily between 10.00 – 01.30. Prices starting from 40€ / person (11 Litous street, tel. 210 8929160) 


This is where you will be able to experience the true meaning of fusion cuisine. The restaurant’s chefs Take and Cugota are thriving in the kitchen. This is a lovely restaurant emitting scents of the East in abundance. Open daily between 19.00 till late. Prices starting from 40€ / person (34 Grigoriou Lambraki street, tel. 210 9600595)


Il Tramonto 

This is a new Italian resto in the area of Asteras in Vouliagmeni worthy of your preference. The best time of the day for your dinner is around the time of sunset as its name implies (Il tramonto in Italian means sunset). The new chef Stefano Rossi will win your best comments through his authentic Italian creations. Open daily between 19.00 – 00.00. (40 Apollonos street, Vouliagmeni area, tel. 210 8902000)



For exquisite tastes streaming fror the East and especially if you are fond of the tastes of Constantinopolis (Istanbul). Mutfac means “cuisine” in Turkish and this is where you will experience dishes that you haven’t even imagined before. Cozy surroundings, high quality, rich menu and fair prices among its pluses. Open daily between 13.00 – 00.00. Prices starting from 25€ / person (38 Laodikis street, Glyfada area, tel. 210 8949060)



This restaurant is decorated along the lines of the industrial concept and is situated in the heart of Glyfada area in Kiprou street. Its New Yorker style and the all day open resto concept it conveys has already gained many fans.  Point of reference the antique black and white car covering a massive wall. Open daily between 08.00 till late. Prices starting from 20€ / person (74 Kiprou street, Glyfada area, tel. 210 8949044)



Italian taverna in the heart of Glyfada area. Make it your choice if you want to experience authentic Italian pizza, nutritious salads, mouthwatering starters and the dessert of the day which will be the surprise finish to your dinner. Open daily between 12.00 – 01.30. Prices starting from 20€ / person (1 Gianitsopoulou street, Glyfada area, tel. 210 8941310)



One of the oldest and most famous restaurants in the area of Vouliagneni for the past 20 years. The best choice for those loving high quality gastronomy. Prefer it for fresh fish, gourmet side and main dishes and a spectacular view to the sea. Open daily between 12.30 – 01.00. Prices starting from 50€ / person (28 Apollonos street, Vouliagmeni area, tel. 210 8963747, 210 8963739)  



Known and loved for fresh fish and the best lobster pasta. The building dates back to 1889 and it is the oldest restaurant in the area. Its truly authentic tastes will win your heart and make you a stable fan who will keep coming back for more.  Open daily between 12.00 – 12.00. Prices starting from 35€ / person (20 Poseidonos street, tel. 210 8956014)