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The "Snow White" of Central Greece is, by far, the most popular winter destination for visitors seeking authenticity and...

While in Arachova, you will be presented with a large variety of options as far as gastronomy is concerned. Choose and pick among gourmet restaurants and traditional tavernas that will enchant your palates with the local delicacies.



The Lounge

It is the gourmet restaurant of SANTA MARINA Resort & Spa and a top selection for those wishing to engage in a pleasurable lunch or dinner. All the dishes of the menu are prepared with first class ingredients that are mainly locally sourced. Enjoy your meal in the cosy atmosphere with burning fireplaces giving a romantic note and the spectacular views elevating your culinary experience to a different level. Try the carrot soup fragranced with orange and cumin or the goat cheese salad with currants, as well as, the sautéed sea bass served in mashed chickpeas and the pumpkin and smoked pork risotto.

Prices start at 25 € / person (Kalanaki, Arachova, for information call 0030 22670 31954)



Greek traditional recipes hand-made by Mrs. Aktida and a cosy ambience that will make you feel at (dream) home…Istros is certainly one of the favorite eateries in Arachova and it is located on the main street next to the stairs leading to the church of Ayios Georgios. After a long night of drinking and partying, its soothing soups will constitute the perfect epilogue to the perfect night out.

Prices start at 15 € / person. Open daily between 09.00 till late (Arachova, for information call 0030 22670 32886)


Istros by Aktida

Next to the well known coffee shop and taverna you can also try the tastes of its "little brother". Here, the cuisine consists of traditional recipes with a modern twist and the two owners Mrs Aktida and Mrs Dimina will do their best to satisfy your palates. Try the delicious dish of fried grated potato with scrambled eggs.

Prices start at 15 € / person. Open daily between 09.00 till late (Arachova, for information call 0030 22670 32886)



This is where you can dine along with the famous Athenians. Lovers of good, authentic food have been faithful customers for years and years. It is located behind the church of Ayios Georgios and it is highly appreciated for its traditional Greek cuisine. Try the specialty named "Panayiota fillet" and do not hesitate to participate at the Saturday afternoon party which will keep you up and dancing till late at night. It is necessary to make a reservation.  

Prices start at 20 € / person. Open daily between 13.00 - 00.00 (Arachova, for information call 0030 22670 32735)



On the way to Delphi and close to Lakka square you will discover this wonderful Italian restaurant boasting a very cosy atmosphere, an inspirational menu and an open-view kitchen where you can watch the preparation of hand-made pasta, fresh salads and meat grilling. The wine list is updated with several labels from, both, Greece and Italy.

Prices start at 18 € / person. Open from Thursday to Sunday from 19.00 until late. December-January: Friday & Saturday from 12.00 onwards. Seasonal fests: Open daily from 12.00 onwards (Arachova, for information call 0030 697 3431969)


Kaplanis Taverna

Located at Tropeou (Platania) square it constitutes one of the oldest and most authentic taverns of Arachova. Operating for over 30 years it is a top choice for lunch and dinner made with the recipes of Mrs. Stella. Try the lamb fricassee, the rooster cooked in wine and the homemade herb pie.

Prices start at 12 € / person. Open daily between 12.00 - 00.00 (Arachova, for information call 0030 22670 31891)