© Photo by Photo by Christos Drazos


This large part of Greece is considered to be the Greek Midlands, with the largest county being this of Attica and its capital Athens. Culture, history, civilization and beauty combine in abundant richness making Central Greece one of the most attractive areas of the country yet. 

The capital city, Athens 

It is known as the cradle of civilisation and one of the must - see European capitals despite the negative publicity of the past years. It still manages to hold on to its reputation and to its irresistable appeal to thousands of travelers eager to pinpoint it on their map and visit it.

The centre of Athens is always top of the list, as well as its enchanting Old cartier which offers alternating paths which one can take in order to see the past blending with the present. Apart from Athens city center there are plenty of other areas to enrich the itinerary of your visit with pleasant walks, a vibrant nightlife and an unforgetable shopping experience. The Southern suberbs, or the otherwise called Athens Riviera constitutes a great example. 

One thing is certain...you will not run out of places to visit and things to do while there.The constantly alternating landscapes will keep your enthusiasm and interest at high levels. A true puzzle for the visitor, either it is their first time in Athens or not, they will not be disappointed. For those who love to be by the seaside, the area of Vouliagmeni is definitely worth the visit. One of the richest in quality areas of Athens, should be in your check list of places to see while in the capital.