In the turquoise seas of endless joy

The islands of the Ionian Sea, also called Eptanissa, will satisfy your appetite for fresh fish and delicious sea food dishes. Fish is prepared and served according to your tastes and there are many recipes practiced, whether you prefer it baked, fried or cooked. In Lefkada island you should try the baked grouper in marinaya. In Corfu they will offer you ‘bourdeto’ which is cooked fish with spices and tomato. In all the islands of the Ioanian Sea you will find the specialty of ‘savoro’ which again is fresh fish cooked in spices and wine. In Paxos island you ought to try a different version of ‘bourdeto’ where the fish is baked in tomato and ounces of spicy pepper and also the recipe of ‘bianco’ which is fish cooked in ample garlic and lemon.  

The islands of the Ionian Sea have an apparent influence from Italy in their local cuisines but also present numerous Italian restaurants, especially in the main town of Corfu island. The seven-island complex of the Ionian Sea will also satisfy meat lovers, since all kinds of meat is produced locally on the mountainous villages. Do try the delicious local lamb and goat meat dishes.