In the turquoise seas of endless joy


The picturesque and cosmopolitan town of Fiskardo located on the northeastern side of Kefalonia island, which has managed to save its architectural heritage from the big earthquake back in 1953, unlike other parts of the island. Ideal for dining out and gazing at the luxury yachts at the port.


The beaches which are located at the western side of Lefkada island. Between the areas of Agios Nikitas and Vassiliki village you will come across numerous crossroads (some of the roads are still dirt roads) which will lead you to superb beaches: Kalamitsi, Egremni and Porto Katsiki to mention a few. Towards the area of Ag.Nikitas you must see Milos beach by taking the path behind Hotel Odyssey or - even better - via small boat. 



The small islets of Mathraki, Othoni and Ericoussa by catching the small boat from Agios Stefanos situated in the north of Corfu island. Ericoussa islet offers unforgettable dives in the turquoise waters of Bragini beach. You will fall in love with Mathraki islet and its exotic sandy beach, whereas at Othoni islet you will be spoilt for choice in the cute tavernas of Ammos port enjoying the views of the southern peak of Greece. 


The Canal d' Amour, a spectacular natural formation of huge rocks situated in the left side of Sidari beach in Corfu island. The rocks that you will see there are made of sandstone and contain high levels of calcium. Thousands of years ago numerous fiords, small gulfs and caves came to the surface when the water levels decreased. The largest of those caves is called Canal d' Amour (Channel of Love) and stories say that if you enter it, you will meet the love of your life on the exit at the other side...with a bit of luck, anything is possible!


The almost completely deserted village of Palia Perithia in the northeast of Corfu island, which testifies a past presence of Venetians due to its numerous stone built houses of relevant architectural style. The village dates back to 1347 and is at an altitude of 450 meters, just under the peak of mountain Pandokratoras.



The hill of Strani in Zante island which is worth the visit for a delightful promenade within its rich flora. This is also the place where the famous Greek poet Dionisios Solomos composed the Greek National Anthem. Its magnificent views will be a source of inspiration for you too.


The inner part of Zante island, where you will come across traditional villages with houses dating back to the 16th century, presenting beautiful yards in full blossom. Among the ones which you should visit are Maherado, Danato, Mouzikio and Kiliomeno villages.


The notoriously famous ship wreck in Zante island located at one of the most photographed beaches of Greece. It is certainly the must-see beach of Zante which will bewilder you with its luminous white sand, its fluorescent indigo turquoise waters and the massive white rocks that surround the whole setting. 1234The beach is located in the western side of the island and is only accessible via boat that you will catch from either Porto Vromi or Agios Nikolaos Volimon. If you want to gaze to its unique beauty from the top then there is a spot at village Anafonitria. The ship wreck was once a large ship named “Panagiotis” back in 1983 that was illegally transferring cigarettes from Turkey and had to stop by the shores of the beach due to mechanical issues. The ship was never repaired and was left there ever since. The sea current moved it outwards and it is nowadays almost buried within the fine white sands constituting a bizarre antithesis to the whole landscape and a trade-mark of this famous beach.  


Yet another exotic and beautiful part of the island of Zante at the western side. This is where you will find the sea shores of Porto Limnionas with fluorescent green bluish waters and massive wild rocks. Along the coastline between Kambi and Keri, the rocks create mysterious caves and formations with the aid of natural erosion. Porto Limnionas is accessible by car but you will thoroughly enjoy a ride with yacht too by adding a stop at Porto Limnionas for lunch or dinner.  


Mirtos beach in Kefalonia island which is listed among the best beaches on a worldwide scale. Its crystal clear waters surrounded by massive rocky mountains attract thousands of visitors every year. The best time in the year to visit it is in June, where you will be able to stay all day long...till sunset.