The "mainland" island

Lefkada. The island of poets and scholars, the “mainland island”, the island of the wonderful beaches, the island you will fall in love with as soon as you set your foot on. Lefkada generously offers you everything you need from your holiday: culture, sights, gastronomy and stunning beaches. Apart from this, this island has one more uniqueness, its floating 50 m. bridge that connects it with mainland Greece.


Being the fourth largest island of the Ionian Sea, Lefkada took its name by Cape Lefkata or “Cape Kera” in its southern tip. Upon arriving, the island will welcome you with the most beautiful smile of the city “Chora”. The roof tile buildings with their colorful shutters in the old medieval town, the traditional cafes, taverns and tourist shops create a welcoming setting for the visitor who lets himself wander around the picturesque alleyways. If you want to introduce yourself to the rich culture of the island visit the Park of Poets, which hosts the most important poets of the island, the Public Library housed in a beautiful neoclassical building, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Gramophone and the countless churches. Do not forget to go to the Faneromeni Monastery, protector of Lefkada, just 3 km. away from the city, and it will reward you with a magnificent view. 

Stunning beaches

porto katsiki

It is the Ionian island with some of the most popular beaches and not without reason. On the west, Porto Katsiki and Egkremni, the two most awarded and photographed beaches of all, dispute about which of the two is the most beautiful. 

porto katsiki

Porto Katsiki offers sandy beach and deep, blue waters, which, combined with the steep rocks create a dramatic setting. 


You need to descend more than 300 stairs in order to visit Egremni, an exotic beach with crystal clear, turquoise waters and pine trees that almost reach the sea. 


Make sure to keep your camera charged because while going down these stairs you will get the chance to take the most amazing pictures of your trip. 


“Kathisma” completes the trio of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada, offering a sandy shore, umbrellas, beach bars and restaurants. Ideal beaches for the surfers are Ai Giannis in the north and Vasiliki in the south. Pefkoulia in the west is best for nudists and Nidri in the east is recommended to all those who seek calm waters and water sports.



A cosmopolitan touristic village with vibrant nightlife and many entertainment choices, Nidri is situated 17 km away from the city of Lefkada. 


Popular since the time of Aristotle Onassis, the green village attracts the most tourists of the island.


From there you can also take the boat for a day cruise to the nearby islands of Kastos, Kalamos, Sparti, Helonaki, Madoyri and of course Scorpio. Do not forget to visit the waterfalls of the village, and if you are adventurous enough you can also take a dip in the icy waters!

katarraktes nidri

Lefkada is the island that has it all and gives it all: easy access, astonishing beaches, tranquility and nightlife. Cool and dramatic, cosmopolitan and simple, assured and confident, generously offers all of its beauty, managing to satisfy even the most demanding.

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