The Dodecanese complex of islands was embodied to the Greek state in 1948 and became a separate county with Rhodes island as its capital in 1955. Nowadays, they constitute the Prefecture of the Dodecanese islands.



“Dodecanese” may mean twelve islands but you will find at least eighteen large islands and around 160 smaller ones in the complex in total! Apart from the well-known and large islands, there is a string of smaller islets worthy of your visit, such as Arki, Telendos, Farmakonisi, Makronisi and many many more.



Prasonisi islet is situated in the south of Rhodes island and opposite the homonymous beach in Rhodes. During summer and due to the decrease in the sea level, the islet connects to Rhodes with a thin stripe of land which will take you there on foot (500 meters). In winter, Prasonisi becomes an isolated island which you can visit by small boat and take a walk or a jog in the wilderness until you reach its lighthouse.



According to mythology the island of Rhodes was created by Zeus, for his love to a nymph named Rhodes who was Poseidon’s daughter. This was his way to demonstrate his admiration to her.