Local gastronomy

The Dodecanese island complex is at the crossroads of many different cultures, thus it offers a wide range of places to eat from sophisticated restaurants to simple tavernas, proving that authenticity and excellence are both enduring qualities. Whichever style you prefer, all places guarantee top quality food based on locally sourced products like vegetables, cheese, meat and fish, as well as other traditional delicacies, such as savoury pies and elaborate desserts. Especially fish is readily available at all islands, so if you are interested in the catch of the day then you will be spoilt for choice which you can buy by the kilo!

Feast into numerous delectable dishes which combine elements from the east (Turkey) to even Italy and, of course, the typically traditional Greek dishes that express the allure of the Mediterranean. You will also find a large variety of excellent local wines to accompany your meals which will make you utter with exclamations of enthusiasm since winery is very strong, especially in the islands of Rhodes and Kos.