© Photo by Christos Drazos
© Photo by Christos Drazos


The most cosmopolitan island of the Dodekanese, narrates stories from the past to the bright present!

Local products

Rhodes is famous for its wine produced from locally cultivated grapes, for its handmade pottery and for the hand woven textiles and fabrics. As far as the wine is concerned, do not omit to visit any of the wineries while on the island and to taste the varieties which are well known since antiquity. Rhodes cultivates grapes in thousands of acres of vineyards. The grape varieties of ‘athiri’, ‘moschato’ and ‘mandilaria’ are the most commonly used in order to produce white wine, rosé, red, sparkling, dry wines, semisweet and sweet wines.

The island of Rhodes has numerous pottery workshops which produce decorative objects and other more practical utensils which you might find interesting. Also, you can visit the villages of Afandou and Archangelos and buy traditional and elaborate embroidery and other hand woven fabrics.

TIP : The village of Sianna is known to produce the famous traditional drink of the island named “souma”. It is a drink that resembles ouzo and its main ingredient is either grapes or figs. Don’t forget to also try some Cordiadolino which is a local traditional liqueur and comes in plenty of flavours from which you can choose.