© Photo by Christos Drazos


Cycladic Gastronomy

Surrender to traditional Greek tastes cooked in different manners. Undoubtedly you will be spoilt for choice. Variety and simplicity are the basic elements of the Cycladic cuisine. You can keep it as simple or as gourmet as you like, but keep in mind that simple flavours are usually the best ones and regardless of your choice of restaurant or taverna, you will satisfy your appetite to maximum.

The Cycladic menu is fortified with ample fresh fish and delicious sea food, pork and other kinds of locally sourced meat, cheese varieties and delicatessen cold cuts, pulses and vegetables, as well as, other products which are typical of the region. You will come across a selection of dishes which are prepared and cooked according to the island’s customs. Do not omit to try any sort of marinated fish, the various salads that contain sea urchin, the fried octopus balls, the rissoles made with locally grown tomatoes, the rabbit cooked in wine sauce, the “patatato” dish which is lamb with oven potatoes, tomato and herbs, the traditional “fava” which is mashed split peas with ample onion and olive oil and, of course, the “fourtalia” which you will mainly come across in the island of Andros and consists of a rich omelette with local sausage.

Desserts constitute a category of their own among the culinary delights of the Cyclades. They all become sweet addictions that you will not find elsewhere in the world. Do try any of the sweet fruits preserved in syrup, the sesame snacks called “pastelia”, the macaroons with fresh almonds, the “karpouzenia” pie which is made with watermelon, honey and sesame which you will mainly find in the island of Folegandros, as well as, the wide range of marshmallows - which resemble to a turkish delight - and the semolina pies under the name of “halvadopites”!