© Photo by Christos Drazos


Pick and choose among an endless list of beautiful islands that each constitutes a separate entity, with its own set of characteristics and style. For a lifestyle vacation and to enjoy the antithesis of crazy night life in opposition to isolated beaches, then make Mykonos island your selected choice. For a romantic getaway with views to the unique sunset of the Caldera and the only volcano of the continent, then choose Santorini island. For a dream summer vacation in the crystal clear blue of the Aegean sea and endless promenades in narrow alleys, Ios island will absolutely delight you. For an “aristocratic” voyage to past glories with captains and merchants, the greenest island of the complex  – Andros island – is the best option.

Choosing the island that suits you best may be a difficult task, since all of them are really worthy of your visit! Regardless of your final choice, there will be no regrets...Words cannot describe the priceless experience you will have.