A peaceful corner of our world which must have been created by the divine hand.

The Cycladic beer 

During your stay in Tinos you should try the locally brewed beer named “Nisos” bearing the Cycladic sun as its logo. The beer is produced in the area of Vayia at the Cycladic Microbrewery. Its unique taste and excellent quality will reward you once again for visiting the island.

Τhe green village of the Cyclades

Tinos resembles all other members of the Cycladic island complex as far as the dry and arid land is concerned. However, in village Kardiani you will discover a scenery outside the typical pattern where there is plenty of green and running water, all of which...a pleasant change in the landscape.

Cheese of Tinos

Something else which you must taste before leaving the island...The semi-hard, pale yellow Tinian cheese will absolutely melt in your mouth. Sweet and salty at the same time it is perfectly paired with a drink of wine or traditional, local ‘raki’.