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Local Products

It is the home of the famous chef, Nikos Tselementes, and of many other chefs, it has rich soil and the variety of local products is great. Capers, local kinds of cheese (myzithra, manoura), sesame sweets, macaroons and Sifnian cookies compose a basket of traditional delights. Very famous are the fried chickpeas, the string beans and the chickpea soup (Revithada), the old traditional recipe made every Sunday. Also, a custom that only a few know is the Easter formal dining course, “mastello”, lamb cooked in the oven on vine branches with local red wine and dill. Besides the local flavors the island has a lot of clay so pottery is very widespread. Currently, there are several laboratories that are worth visiting.



The traditional pastry shop “Theodorou Vasilis” in Artemonas, next to the primary school of the village and only a few steps away from the central square, continues a three generations’ tradition and initiates you into the world of Sifnian products. Here you can find nougat, marsh-mallows, sugared buns, sesame sweets and the unique patties stuffed with honey, sesame and almond. If you are lucky you can watch the procedure of “masticha”-making or else known as “submarine”! (Artemonas, tel: +30 22840 31370).



On the beach of Vathy you can find the traditional pottery workshop of Atsonios, an artist renowned for its ceramics. If you love pottery you should definitely visit (Tsopos beach, Vathy, tel: +30 22840 71119,