Genuine and mysterious all dressed in white. Serenity and original beauty in full magnitude...

Romantic walks in Kastro overlooking the sunset. Endless walks along the "Strait" or drinks and beautiful music watching people passing by. No matter what type of person you are, whatever you prefer, Sifnos will cover all your needs with style! In Apollonia, you will walk dozens of times along the famous Strait, you will become one with the crowd, you will browse through the windows until you end up in one or more of the bars that will keep you company until morning. If you are not feeling very social, or you prefer isolation, Kastro will reward you with its fabulous atmosphere.



Bohemian philosophy, "hip" area, ethnic music and clean drinks, Botzi in the “Strait” of Apollonia is number one choice of entertainment since 1993 when it started operating. You can either choose the yard or the tables by the alley where people pass by. The only sure thing is that you will have a great time. Daily from 19.30. (Apollonia).


The island’s Rock bar! If you love rock music, you will just adore it. Although it is a bit small, this will not bother you at all, since it is a warm and cheerful place. (Apollonia, tel: +30 22840 33186).


Since 2004 it is the hit of night life. Cheerful music and Cycladic scenery are featuring and keep you alert until early in the morning. Enjoy cooling cocktails and a lounge environment that raise the entertainment level. It is open during daytime also for coffee and snacks. (Apollonia).

Rambagas (Cyclades Place)

It is a part of the “Cyclades Place” which was created in 2006 in Apollonia rising up the level of entertainment. It is a multi-functional place with choices for shopping, art, coffee, eating and drinking. In the Rambagas café-bar you can enjoy the tranquility of the place and the shade of trees in the morning for your coffee until the evening with snacks and drinks! (Apollonia, tel: +30 22840 33359,


All day long

The Veranda is the island’s meeting point, on the main street of Chora. Everyone gives an appointment here for breakfast, a cool drink or a cold snack in the afternoon and in the evening for relaxing drinks. Daily from 07:00. (Apollonia, tel: +30 22840 33969). If you want to pass some more traditional time. you should sit in the Drakakis’ coffee shop in Apollonia. It is a family business and time value of the island; you will become one of its regulars. Daily17.00- 02.00. (Apollonia, tel: +30 22840 31233, mobile: 6972123571). Favorite hangout that will also give you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most intense sunsets is the Café Folie Beach Bar, in Aghia Marina, Kamares. It is the ideal location for all times of the day. Daily 10:00-03:00. (Agia Marina, Camares, tel: +30 22840 31183). In Platys Gialos, combine a swim with Palmira Café Bar. With its special design, sofas and loungers, the reggae music, delicious cuisine and colorful cocktails you can relax all day! (Platys Gialos, tel: +30 22840 71283).