Genuine and mysterious all dressed in white. Serenity and original beauty in full magnitude...

Surely, you have  seen pictures of the “Chrysopigi” (the golden source). The monastery of Virgin Mary attracts couples from every corner of the earth in a romantic getaway and many of them exchange love vows there.

It is the birth place of the chef Nikos Tselementes and the favorite destination of people of art and culture. These guests are regular visitors and every year come to the island to experience carefree moments.

You may have seen pictures, you may have heard about Sifnos from others. But its only when one personally disembarks the ship and feels the first cool breeze which convinces they have made the right choice of island for their stay.


A genuine Aristocrat

The first picture you will see is Kamares, the picturesque harbor, the only harbor, where you can swim! It is a clean sandy beach surrounded by green and every year gets the Blue Flag. There is also the beautiful settlement of Aghia Marina on the opposite side.

Apollonia is your next stop about 7 km away. Serene during the day and crowded during the night. According to the myth the god Apollo named it after him and gave the island so many beauties. Built amphitheatrically on three hills with carefully designed café–bars and restaurants is strongly connected with the famous alley, known as the “Strait”, which is packed during the night. You will wander there again and again, you will visit all the bars and at some point you will start addressing the owners with their names. Authenticity is one of the island’s characteristics. 

The elegant Kastro (Castle) follows. You can make romantic walks there and you should visit the two nearby beaches, Seralia and Eptamartyro (the last one is preferred by nudists).


The "secrets" of the archipelago

Only 10 km far from Apollonia, a long golden beach, vivid 24 hours a day, Platys Gialos, will definitely become one of your favorite. Here, only a breath away from the crystal clear waters and the endless olive trees as if it is a natural extension of the village you will find the unique Verina Suites, an ideal hide-out. 

For those who prefer seclusion Chrysopigi, with the beautiful beach and the rocks above the monastery, is the perfect choice. Regular visitors go there every year. They also prefer Panagia Poulati with hot, from the sun, rocks and crystal clear waters.


On the paths of nobility

Once you have seen the basics do not hesitate to reach the edge. Cherronisos on the northern part of the island is your destination. A small fishing village with a picturesque taverna and clean waters offers you serenity.

On your way to Cherronisos you should definitely make a stop at Artemonas, one of the island’s gems. Wonderful neoclassical mansions (a sign of the island’s well being), traditional bakeries, pastry shops and picturesque alleys compose the perfect picture. Sit in the central square or in one of the tavernas to enjoy local delicacies. From various places (especially from the windmills) you can watch the wonderful view of the island.

Sifnos has other abilities also: to relax every visitor (even if he visits only for two days), calm him in a magical way and guide him to the world of elegance. Anything ugly has no place on this island.