Summer escape to a classic Aegean gem

Located in the heart of the Αegean Sea, Paros is the perfect destination for those wanting to taste the true spirit of Cyclades. One of the biggest islands of the complex, a true jewellery of the archipelagos, Paros is in the middle of a “hug”-shaped location between Naxos and Antiparos just 90 miles from the Piraeus port.

Getting acquainted with the island

Perfectly combining a vibrant night life with the daytime relaxation on the beach, the island is famous for its traditional white and blue stucco towns in pair with the crystal clear waters and golden sand. Relaxation, well known Geek hospitality and cosmopolitan vibes fill out the rest.

Heading for downtown, you are greeted by non-other than the great Windmill. In this “quieter” part of the island you will have the chance to roam through the alleys surrounded by the bright white and blue houses and shops with the scent of jasmine all around you. The old buildings in combination with the shops located on the street of the central market, offer a real Cycladic feel!

On the contrary Naousa –the second biggest town in Paros- proudly represents the wilder part of the island where life begins after the sun is set. Vivid, colorful, cosmopolitan and full of people, Naousa is capable of satisfying every taste.

Here the heart of the island beats, as it is a preferable place for those looking for an intense night life, while at the same time it manages to enchant the visitor with its cosmopolitan glamor.

However as you ascend to the surrounding villages the calmer, more native side of Paros starts to unveil itself. At an altitude of 250 meters you will find the village of Lefkes, built in the 16th century by Cretan and Peloponnesian refugees and locals, which hosts a large number of visitors each year. It is worth visiting the folklore museums, to enjoy a walk in the picturesque alleys, as well as to enjoy the local traditional delicacies in the main cafe of the village.

Paros is surrounded by countless beaches each of them unique, spectacular, managing to please even the most demanding visitor. Crowded or isolated, with the option for water sports and beach bars or family friendly, one is for sure, that the emerald waters and golden beaches are definitely going to amaze just about anyone who sets their eyes on them.

The famous Golden Shore beach 1.5km long welcomes hundreds of tourists per year. In the West side you can find well-known beaches like Parasporos, Agia Eirini, Faragga, Voutakou and Loulantonis.