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The largest island of the Cycladic complex is, with no doubt, a blessed land...

Local Products

The island of Naxos is considered a top gastronomic destination for two main reasons. For the fact that it produces most of its prime materials but also for the natural talent of the locals in cooking. Through the breeding of livestock, excellent quality of meat and cheese is locally produced. Don't forget to taste a few cheeses while you are there, such as "mizithra", “xinotiro”, “graviera” and “arseniko”. Naxos is also known and appreciated for its potato variety, its virgin olive oil and its fragrant herbs, like for instance, mint and fennel.

A wide range of sweet fruits preserved in jars of syrup should be included in your list of desserts to try. Search for those homemade “spoon sweets” - as they are called in Greek - made either of quince, eggplant or citron, as well as, for the almond macaroons and the sweet pie staffed with local pure honey. Among the top local specialties, we suggest the citron liqueur and other similar liqueurs made of a range of citrus trees which the land of Naxos successfully yields. 


Shopping Tips

Vallindra Distillery

The production of citrons in Naxos is indispensably related to the Vallindra family which have been cultivating for the past five generations. Nowadays, the Vallindra-Fragoudaki couple, produce three different types of liqueur, ouzo and “psimeni” (contains raki, honey and cinnamon) at their state-of-the-art bottling factory at the outskirts of the village of Chalki. The ‘Naxos Citron Liqueur” has been accredited with Designation of Origin. The old bottling factory within the village of Chalki, remains open to visitors wishing to taste the liqueur and learn a few things about the history of its production (Chalki village, for information call 22850 31220).


Koufopoulos Creamery of Naxos

Fragrant herbs, pure honey, wine, raki and, of course, a variety of cheeses are just a few of the local products which you can buy here. Pick and choose from the wooden displays in the interior of the stone-built store. (Papavasiliou area near Chora, for information call 22850 26018 or visit the site www.tyrocomia-naxou.gr). There is also a new store in Athens: 18, Ethnikis Antistasseos street, Chalandri area, for further information call 210 6837758.



If you are interested in buying a few tasty gifts for your friends and family back home, then do visit this store where you will find a variety of sweet fruits preserved in jars of syrup, as well as, a large range of homemade jams and marmalades (Chalki village, for information call 22850 31009). 



This relatively new convenience store is located at the picturesque mountainous village of Apiranthos and quickly managed to form a loyal clientele. This is where you will buy your cheese, virgin olive oil, liqueurs and raki from. Other local delicacies that might tempt you are the homemade sweets and jams made of the best ingredients (Apiranthos village, for information call 22850 61192 & 61460).