© Photo by Christos Drazos


The largest island of the Cycladic complex is, with no doubt, a blessed land...

The island of Naxos offers numerous nightlife opportunities. Choose among a plethora of places for your cocktails, either in Chora or at any of the other villages and settlements which boast ambient bars that will put you in a summer mood under the sounds of atmospheric music. For more mainstream nights you will find hot spots to suit your tastes too, mainly in Chora.




It is considered to be the trendiest meeting point for the locals but a favourite of the visitors too for the past 7 years since it first opened. Its open-air cocktail bar is set by the sea shore within the main town of the island and it is preferred for its music selections which include latin, reggae and funky sounds. Its cocktail menu is rich and it also lists champagne cocktails which make a distinct statement! (Beach ofChora, for reservations call 22850 26766).


Citron Café & Cocktail Bar

It is open from early in the morning till late at night and it is considered a hot spot for its rich breakfast menu and the fact that it offers a range of handmade traditional pies, but equally after dark for its famous citrus cocktail. If you like, you can purchase the local liqueur made of citrus from there and host a night with citrus cocktails for your friends when you return back home! (Chora, for reservations call 22850 27055).



Top of the list for a good night out in the sounds of afro, latin and jazz grooves. It will become you favourite spot, since it promotes a very relaxing and friendly ambience among the frequenters (Chora, for reservations call 22850 23780).