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The largest island of the Cycladic complex is, with no doubt, a blessed land...

Lovers of quality food and connoisseurs of gastronomy place the island of Naxos within the list of must-visit islands. Naxos is a large island and a self-sufficient one due to its fertile land. Locally sourced products are used for numerous traditional recipes that will definitely attract your attention. There is a wide range of spots for eating out, from small family tavernas to exquisite restaurants, all of them offering interesting and authentic dishes made with top quality ingredients. 



Restaurant & Taverna Zeus

It is hosted within the premises of the brand new 5* Naxos Island Hotel, at the beautiful settlement of Agios Prokopios. Zeus does not constitute just another suggestion for dining and wining. It constitutes a unique experience and boasts a dreamy setting at the roof top of the hotel and by the swimming pool with uninhibited views to the Cycladic blue of the Aegean. Indulge in its gourmet menu of Mediterranean cuisine and order without hesitation the sautéed pork tenderloin with bacon in a sauce of sour cream, champagne and herbs, the Island Chef Salad containing a variety of fresh vegetables, tomato, pepper, croutons, Naxos ‘graviera’ cheese, prosciutto and balsamic, as well as, the fried ‘talagani’ with jam and balsamic cream. Complete your meal with a dessert of cheesecake with white sour soft cheese called ‘xinomizithra’ and citrus liqueur. Tip: 5* Naxos Island Hotel also hosts Zeus Taverna on the ground floor which offers the same menu as the roof-top restaurant and is decorated with impressive aquariums. Open daily between 13.00 and 23.00. Prices start at 20€ / person (Agios Prokopios, for reservations call 22850 44100, www.naxosislandhotel.com).


O faros stou Chiou

It is one of the best restaurants of the island and certainly the most historic. It is located at the small port of Aghia Anna and it has been operating successfully for the past 30 years having acquired a very good reputation for its delicious home-cooked meals, as well as, for its fresh fish. The restaurant’s Greek cuisine menu has been enriched recently with Italian tastes carried out by the experienced Italian chef, Susana. Highlight: Reserve your table for the late afternoon hours for unforgettable views of the sunset. The ingredients used are organic and the portions are large. Open daily between 13.00 and 00.30. Prices start at 12-15€ / person (Aghia Anna, for reservations call 22850 41111).


Stou Lefteri

It is a family taverna located at the mountainous village of Apiranthos and a place where you will eat quality food at very fair prices. The taverna offers a wide range of grilled meats and boasts a different “dish of the day” every day which you should include in your order! The salads contain fresh vegetables cultivated at the nearby family garden and, generally, all the ingredients used are locally sourced. Do not leave without having a dessert of the homemade baked cakes in syrup! Open daily from 13.00 till late. Prices start at 12€ / person (Apiranthos, for reservations call 22850 61333).

Maro Taverna

It is impossible not to visit Maro's traditional tavern if you are in the island. It is located on Court Square in Naxos town and all its visitors will encounter a traditional Greek cuisine and a warm atmosphere. You will have an unforgettable dining experience with a traditional local touch! Open daily till late (Court / Protodikiou Square, Naxos town, for reservations call 22850 25113 )

O Platanos

It is centrally located at the mountainous village of Apiranthos, offering a very picturesque setting with wooden tables and chairs under the shade of a massive plane tree. Its menu contains a variety of high quality local meats and the specialty of “zamponi” which is pork leg preserved in salt. Here, again, the dessert of ‘galaktompoureko’ (pastry stuffed with custard cream) and ‘baklava’ constitute the perfect ending to your meal. Open daily from noon till midnight. Prices start at 10€ / person (Apiranthos, for reservations call 22850 61460 & 22850 61192).



It is the top suggestion that locals will make in case you are interested in finger-leaking-good homemade food. Your order should include the ‘giaourtlou, the stuffed tomatoes with bulgur, as well as, the baked goat meat. Tip: It is advisable that you make a reservation. Open daily between 14.00 and midnight. Prices start at 15€ / person (Kastraki, for reservations call 22850 75107).


Stella's taverna

It is located in Egares and you will love it for its cherished treasures of local gastronomy. Stella's taverna has been operating for more than 30 years and it has loyal customers that repeatedly choose it for its unique homemade dishes. Open daily from noon till late. Prices start at 8-10€ / person (Egares, for reservations call 22850 62312).


Stis Irinis

You will find it at the main street of the island’s town, Chora, and it is worthy of your choice for its exquisite traditional cuisine, its friendly atmosphere and good service.  Open daily between noon and 01.00. Prices start at 12-15€ / person (Chora, for reservations call 22850 26780).


*Prices are per person and do not include drinks.