The queen of the Cyclades, referred to as the island of the winds, is a destination of a million faces

Small cute bars, massive clubs, beach bars, romantic cocktails on the beach. Whatever it is you prefer, you will find it on the island of Mykonos. From Super Paradise to Cavo Paradiso and from the romantic neighborhood of Small Venice to famous Pierro’s bar, there is little chance that you will not feel spoilt for choice.



Τhe most famous nightlife spot on the island is named Caprice and it absolutely justifies its fame as it has been operating since 1980 offering unforgettable and fun evenings to its international clientele. Located just a few meters away from the Metropolitan church of Mykonos and on the way to Small Venice, you will recognise it from its décor of beautiful flower and fruit creations and its turquoise palette attracting the eye. Caprice opens in the afternoon presenting clients with chilled shots and refreshing cocktails in the sounds of the best music.

Address: SmallVenice, Chora, Tel. 0030 22890-23541.


Famous for its refreshing cocktails containing fresh fruit juices. Scarpa is located right next to the sea shore at the heart of Small Venice and it is the absolute meeting point from the afternoon hours and beyond. Ideal for coffee or for early drinks during sunset but also for later in the evening when the vibes are gradually elevating by the hour.

Address: Small Venice, Chora, Τel. 0030 22890-23294.

Cavo Paradiso

The most famous club on the island of Mykonos which this year (2013) celebrates its 20 years of operation and is planning a series of memorable events with eclectic djs. Its magical and secluded setting next to the sea will take you to the best dance and musical voyage of your life.  

Address:Paradise Bay, Τel. 0030 22890-26124.

Super Paradise

Ideal for day dance events, parties and for meeting new people. Super Paradise is at 6 kilometers from the Chora of Mykonos and its beach bar is absolutely worshiped for its fresh fruit salads and its impressive cocktails.

Address: Super Paradise, Τel. 0030 22890-23023.