Milos: Unique holidays on the island of Aphrodite

Crystal clear waters, volcanic rocks, enchanting countryside and great food! Milos is the island that will make you fall for it at first glance and visit it again and again. Over 70 unique beaches, particularly interesting geological landscapes and delicious local cuisine, compose the unrivalled mosaic of the rising Cycladic island.

The island of Aphrodite with its unique geophysical formations and romantic vibes, is a destination that cannot miss from anyone’s travel list.


Our trip begins from the main port of Milos, Adamas, filled with the traditional little whites houses, and where most of the tourist amenities are located.


For our next stop, we are moving up high to the amphitheatrically built upon the hill, capital of the island Plaka. Get lost in the narrow cobbled streets and walk to the castle that dominates the hilltop, to enjoy the sunset gazing at the panoramic view that reaches far out to the surrounding islands. Head to the bell tower of the church of Panagia Skiniotissa or to the window sills of the Castle, to enjoy the sun coloring the sky in that bloody crimson hue before plunging into the sea.


The highlights however, are the wonderful traditional little towns scattered across the main land. At the northeast end of the island the fishing village of Pollonia is located, a picturesque place with the most amazing golden beaches. It took its name from the Temple of Apollo that existed in the area. Visitors who choose Pollonia could briefly escape Milos and visit the beauties of Kimolos with the boats that travel daily between them.


Τhe feast of colors in the traditional fishing village of Klima on the other hand, is guaranteed to leave noone unimpressed. What makes it so special? The 35 wires that stand side by side, formerly custom made cavities for boats and nowdays vacation houses. Wander around the village walking just inches from the water and wait for the sunset. Now is the best time for photos!


Milos is famous for its dazzling beaches, since the island has more than 70 coasts. From organized, with water sports and sunbeds, to small hidden and inaccessible for relaxation and escape from the crowd.

The beach of Tsigrado is not easy to reach, as the descent is made through a narrow passage with natural steps and a large wooden staircase. If you manage to reach, the crystal clear waters, surrounded by the towering rocks will compensate you for your courage. The beach, like most in Milos, is not organized, so water and food are essentials, in order to enjoy the sea, under the thicc natural shadow created by the rocks.

Sarakiniko, one of the most photographed beaches of the island, will remind you of lunar landscape with its white rocks. The white beach is ideal for sunbathing and diving from the natural basins.

In Papafrakas you will have to go early, as its sandy beach cannot accommodate many people. Τhe beach is a small cove surrounded by rocks and reminiscent of a cave without a roof.

Alogomantra, Fyriplakos, Fyropotamos, Agia Kyriaki and Paliochori are some of the most famous beaches of the island, with the latter two having sunbeds and equipment for marine activities.

Kleftiko will gain a place in your heart, while on every side of the island coasts of incredible natural beauty are emerging.