© Photo by Christos Drazos
© Photo by nikos xristodoulakis


Picturesque villages and crystal clear waters! On the dream island of Ios, everything is possible…

The island’s production of the “niotika’ local cheeses, holds a leading role in the local gastronomy. You will have the chance to try many of them while eating out at any of the restaurants but if you feel that you must share their divine taste with your friends and family back home, then do not hesitate to go “cheese shopping” at the Local Traditional Products Store. We suggest you buy some “kefalotiri” which is white and savoury, “mizithra” which is sweet, “xino” which is a white soft cheese, “skotiti” made of a mixture of cheeses and herbs and, of course the local “feta” cheese.

By visiting the island, you will also have the opportunity to buy some pure thyme honey, green capers and various herbs for soothing beverages during the cold winter back home. If you are a fun of the sweet tastes, then try the “mizithropita” pies and the sesame snack called “pasteli”, are tastes which you should try. (Local Traditional Products Store.PortofIos. For further information call 22860 92441).