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© Photo by nikos xristodoulakis


Picturesque villages and crystal clear waters! On the dream island of Ios, everything is possible…

The nightlife of this Greek island is capable of keeping you up and happy all night long. The whole ambiance oozes with ounces of summer mood, so start your night with a bar-crawl and delicious cocktails at the beach of Mylopotas and then head to Chora to any of the bars and clubs the main town has to offer. Every hot spot has its own style, so all you have to do is try them all and pick your favourites for a repeat!


Nightlife hot spots

Margarita Bar

Trésor Hotels & Resorts | IosMargarita Bar is not simply the bar of a luxury hotel. Its location at the most famous beach of the island and by the swimming pool of Ios Palace Hotel & Spa, deserves your attention in return of ounces of fun! It is open all day long serving delicious snacks and fresh juices by the pool during your swim and sunbathing sessions, but after sunset and through the night the scenery changes into the most atmospheric place to be in good company. Lounge music is the key attraction together with amazing views of the sea shore by night and a rich menu of drinks and finely mixed cocktails. Highlight: Margarita Bar launches Jose Cuervo tequila, therefore this is the place to be for amazing margaritas and a string of related parties all through the summer season! (Mylopotas beach, for reservations call 22860 92000, www.iospalacehotel.com).


Click Cocktail Bar-Cafe

While on the island of Ios you will definitely hear about Click Cocktail Bar. You will love this hot spot for its rich breakfasts and its good coffee during the day and then - after dark - for its quality drinks and its cocktail menu. Mainstream vibes and a DJ that will do his best to play your favourite song is the guarantee to a good party. Highlight: The mixologist Yiannis Samaras creates cocktails up for grabs! Open daily from 11:00 in the morning till late (Chora, for reservations call 6932 438966).



It is a newcomer which soon acquired a position among the island’s hot spots, mainly due to its central location within Chora and its amazing setting in one of the oldest and most historic buildings of the main town. Its modern aesthetics and impressive décor will draw your attention and gain your repeating preference. Its music selections and the experienced DJs will keep you hostage till the first morning hours! Open daily from 22:00 till the morning. (Chora, for reservations call 6977 447483).


Other hot spots

If you want to have a complete knowledge of the island's nightlife, then you must definitely experience all of its hot-spots! Flames is located in Chora and is a must for the rockers among you. Barmacy (also in Chora) is the place to be for hip hop and R 'n B'. Other hot-spots are Coo (Chora, for reservations call 6946 631935), Slammer Bar and, last but not least, Bulldog in Chora for an unforgettable experience the Greek way!