© Photo by Christos Drazos


Start fresh with a blue canvas...Add numerous bright white dots in a circular manner and call them “nymphs”. According to Greek mythology The Cyclades islands were nymphs that Poseidon - the God of the sea - turned into islands because they made him furious with their behaviour! Maybe he was indeed furious when he did so, but we will not hold this against him...for he gave us a paradise on earth and a reason to add yet another lifetime experience in the form of an unforgettable journey. Welcome to the Greek “Maldives”. Welcome to a place where summer never ends. To a place where small chapels “blossom” on rocky hills, where the houses are always painted blue and white, where the narrow alleys will take you to enchanting gardens full of bougainvilleas and geraniums, where the beaches will sooth your inner senses and where the traditional gastronomy and local customs will convey you to a different dimension, to a different world...



Summer romantic dates

The Cyclades comprise the most famous island complex of Greece visited by millions of people every year. Let them be your most enchanting addiction ever. Visiting them once is not enough and certainly you will return again and again in the quest of a summer romantic date with yet another...and another Greek “diamond”. In return, you will be rewarded with their naturally authentic beauty and ounces of hospitality.

The Cyclades have been blessed by the Gods to play a vital role in the morphology of the country. We count approximately 220 large and smaller islands in total which altogether formulate part of the majestic Aegean archipelago with a delightful climate especially during the summer months. The Cyclades plot over an area of about 8000 km2, southeast of the Greek mainland and the aristocratic town of Ermoupolis in Syros island is the capital and administrative center. The largest island of the complex is Naxos island and the smallest one Pano Koufonisi.


Treasures of authentic Greek beauty

Beyond the geographical and historical information which of course is good to know in advance, the Cyclades bear endless secrets awaiting for your exploration when you get there. Images and stimuli that will preserve a distinct part in your hearts forever. Be prepared to encounter numerous unprecedented feelings as you walk the labyrinth of the narrow alleys that the locals call the “kalderimia”, as you enter any of the countless picturesque chapels regardless of your own religion, as you dive into the crystal clear seas that surround your selected island of the complex, as you taste a bite of the tantalising traditional specialties, as you come to contact with the folklore and the local customs and by simply saying ‘Goodmorning” and meaning it!...Pages and pages could be written about what each and every island of The Cyclades has to share. Feel the invigorating warm sun rays caress your body. Let the sea water beautify your skin and make it shine.

You are located at the top tourist destination of Greece.