In the heart of the oldest inhabited medieval settlement of Europe

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The medieval Old Town of Rhodes is listed among UNESCO’s monuments of International heritage. It is considered as the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and –soon after your arrival - you will discover that castles, knights and towers are indeed part of everyday life there.

Live the thrill walking down The Street of the Knights on your way to Avalon Boutique Hotel.The hotel’s location in the heart of the medieval town and just a short walk from Grand Master’s Palace, will give your holidays a totally different meaning.

Avalon Boutique Hotel underwent a process of dramatic reconstruction under the strict surveillance of the Archaeological Department. The end result...an amazingly luxurious building respecting the settlement’s historical characteristics and the area’s architecture. It reopened its doors in 2007 presenting its guests with first class hospitality services and top aesthetics that will satisfy your wit for a magical voyage back to the Middles Ages. At this point it is worth noting that the hotel took its name from Knight Avalon who lived there.

Apart from the hotel’s central location in the Old Town - which will yield this feeling of vindication for your final choice of destination - the surrounding medieval treasures will further enable you with your magical voyage to the glamour and mystery of the Middle Ages through the numerous historical monuments and attractions at you disposal. The famous Grand Master’s Palace, the Archaeological and Byzantine museum, the Mosque of Suleiman, the Turkish Bath and the always vivid Sokratous street, to mention just a few examples, are as close to the hotel as you would hope and expect.  

What could we say for the hotel itself...A photo of it could convey a thousand words. Its interior decor has been selected by the owner - Mr. Yiannis Brokos – himself, who made it his main concern to maintain a harmonious portrayal of the medieval architecture of the Old Town of Rhodes without neglecting the contemporary needs of top quality conveniences for the guests. Everything in here, from the furnishings to the last decorative ornament, are made from environmentally friendly materials and although special respect is shown to the styles of the medieval town, the end result is “light as a feather” to your senses.    

The hotel offers a choice of 6 completely different suites named after one strong point that characterises each of them. The sea, the world, the East, the North, the love, a myth...In trust of the hotel management and staff, enjoy the hospitality that your suite is bound to give you in abundance.    

Your nostalgic voyages will not be enchained to your Suite...Enjoy your coffee at the enchanting café, right by the well looked-after gardens and try out the delightful hotel restaurant with its plethora of traditional dishes, all of them handmade by the owner’s mother. If the weather allows, your lunch or dinner will take a different dimension within the ideal setting of the exterior yard.   

Avalon Boutique Hotel is one of those places where devotion to the customer, absolute care and high standard services blend perfectly. This is where you will see the past meeting with the present. Visit Avalon Boutique Hotel and feel part of its magical world.