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The stunning view of the Aegean Sea from the top of the ancient citadel of Lindos, will be a daily spectacle for your eyes...

Melenos Lindos Hotel offers 12 suites all of which maintain their particularities depending upon their size and orientation within the complex. Their main common point is that they all endorse the 17th century traditional philosophy. Additionally, they all promise to bring you the best views to the Aegean Sea and the distant coastline.

Decorative objects collected personally from the owner in his worldwide travels, elaborate furnishings, handmade wooden sculptures, beautifully framed mirrors and specially hand-painted ceilings are just a few specimens of the beauties that expect you.


Double Suite

Handmade furniture and superb decorative woodwork alongside hand-painted ceilings and details out of ivory are only a few examples of the details that will delight you while staying at the Double Suite. One of the strongest assets of this type of room is their spacious living-room areas that will lead you to a large courtyard with comfortable fitted seats for endless times of relaxation.


25 sq. meters/ up to 3 persons

Senior Suite

If comfort is a top priority for you, then the Senior Suites are ideal especially since the beds are equipped with luxurious mattresses by COCO-MAT. You will be fascinated by its elaborate decorative details which all constitute collectibles from the owner’s travels to countries of the East. In the advantages of this type of suite: The incredible views to theAegean seaand a private veranda that may or may not lead to a yard. The choice is yours.


35-45 sq. meters/ up to 3 persons


Honeymoon Suite

The Honeymoon suite emits an aura of unprecedented sensuality. The vaulted ceiling will introduce you to its romantic environments that you will not want to part from apart from the case of wanting to spend time to its delightful veranda with views to the blossoming gardens of the hotel. Among its luscious advantages: the large living-room area, the spacious bedroom, the double sinks in the bathroom area and the shower with a small steam room. Look no further. This suite will grant your wishes for an unforgettable honeymoon!


35 sq. meters / up to 3 persons


Superior Suite

Superior Suites are characterised by their spacious living-room and bedroom areas and promise to hand you with all the relaxation and peace of mind that you came here for...The private balcony will offer you hours of joyful views towards the harbour of Lindos and the supreme whites of the closer but also of the distant housing settlements of the island.

35-40 sq. meters / up to 3 persons


Master Suite

Clearly the most luxurious of the available suites within Melenos Lindos hotel. The Master Suite is characterised by its extra large spaces as well as for its carefully selective decors. A true jewel...embracing luxurious mattresses and pillows by COCO-MAT, quality cotton linens and towels by Frette to mention just a few examples. The Master Suites includes two distinct bedroom areas that will further empower this feeling that you are staying at your dream summer house and not at a hotel. Your private terrace will win your hearts with a panorama of Lindos citadel and the blues of the Aegean.

* For an even greater experience of independence, the Master Suite could be interconnected to the adjacent suite in order to offer you an additional private space. This way, the lavishing views of the Master Suite's large open-sky terrace can be enjoyed by six persons in total.

57 sq. meters / between 4 to 6 persons