Everything here praises the Cycladic grandeur…blue in abundance and widespread azure prudently mixed in God’s palette

It was here, in this divine bay with views to the Aegean Sea that the owners of Corona Borealis decided to manifest their love for this land and their care for guests. This is how Corona Borealis Ambience Suites became a specimen of true hospitality for the island of Naxos. Its name was inspired by the homonymous constellation which signifies the myth of the love between Dionysus and Ariadne which unraveled in this island.

Plain architectural lines suitable to the landscape’s simplicity, justify Corona Borealis as the brand new Cycladic treasure we must discover. The expertise of its creators wisely positioned it within a beautiful scenery that will certainly speak to our heartA white microcosm made of stone, wood, clay and ample imagination. A modern construction with luxurious details ready and able to fulfill our summer dreams

Emerging from a superb scenery whose natural boundary is the breadth of the sea, it is positioned in the middle of the bay from where one has the most clear view of the sunset, directly opposite to where the island of Paros is. At only 4 kilometers away from Chora the islandmain town - Corona Borealis Ambience Suites is protected from its active temperament but, at the same time, it shares with its guests all of Chora’s joys within a five minute drive.   

Corona Borealis Ambience Suites consists of seven autonomous, comfortable and functional suitesfour of them are Open Plan suites, two of them are Two Storey suites and one is Three Room suite. They all cherish ample natural light, cool ambience, a set of particular architectural details and elegant decors with large doses of finesse. Undoubtedly, they will constitute the newly found treasure we have discovered for you and your foreseeable getaway.  

Inside the suites, the ambient atmosphere and discreet luxury convey us to surroundings characterized by elegance and noblesse, while their large balconies boast spectacular views over the “miracle” that is called the Aegean Sea. The complex is surrounded by gardens within an expanse of eight acres and, inevitably, the natural breeze emitted justifies the coolness of the interior spaces. Moreover, the large swimming pool of the complex welcomes you in its crystal waters, throughout the day and night…

Stay relaxed all day long within a zen atmosphere. As soon as you wake up in the morning, take a deep dive in the pool and then allow yourself to lose track of time by reading your favourite book. In the afternoon, enjoy playing cardboard games at the bar and gaze at the magnificent views until the sun finally deeps into the sea or, take a walk along the seashores of the beach which is just a breath away from the hotel.     

At the pool bar, the fresh fruit juices will refresh you and you can also order a light meal for lunch. During sunset and thereafter, it is the time within the day to surrender to the feast of colors…the magical violet with brushstrokes of orange will put you in the right mood for some wine and beer tasting from the wide selection at your disposal.

Corona Borealis has such a positioning within the bay which grants a functional mobility to everyone, while it promises high levels of comfort and exquisite sea view to all guests. If you are seeking for a relaxing and veritable holiday, select it for its tranquil ambience. At the same time, the complex’s close proximity to the main town and to other more vibrant beaches ensures direct access to all sorts of entertainment.    

At Corona Borealis you will feel the warmth of hospitality in depth and you will acquire all the relaxation you are seeking for. This is where your breakfast will constitute the first felicity of the day with the tasting of the freshest locally sourced products possible. Gastronomy wise, you can even make a special arrangement for having your meals within the complex throughout the day, from a selection of tantalising dishes based on local recipes.

Our sole aim when creating Corona Borealis, was to present the island of Naxos and the Cyclades with a jewel. We invite you to come and explore the essence of its microcosm. We engender you to give life to your most personal holiday scenarios and in return we commit ourselves to giving you the following simple and obvious things, which are, nonetheless, so difficult to find: peace of mind, elegant surroundings, tranquility, comfort, discreetness, noblesse and incomparable care.